Best free iPhone games money can't buy

Best free iPhone games money can't buy
The day`s of spending loads of money to enjoy a little bit of quality gaming are almost behind us, thanks to Apple for bringing us the iPhone and IPod touch.

With the app store producing more and more quality as the times move on, you can get excellent gaming experiences for a £1 or even less!
A lot of good games in the App store are free, for example 8 Ball Pool - a multiplayer game allowing you to challenge friends or strangers, to matches and tournaments to earn coins.
With levels, prizes and cool Que's on offer, it makes for a great competitive game. Obviously, this game will try and make you spend money, but being a loyal player myself I can tell you I never have.
So, you can get some great games for nothing at all, so of course the trick is finding the gems amongst the dross. Here's what we think are the best of the bunch; in no particular order.
 Very similar to the classic Sega original (Sonic Dash), Sonic Forces re-imagines the long time mascot's adventures as a 3D lane-based auto-runner.
But there is a bit of a twist, with the abilitysonic force
to battle against other real players from over the world,
you need to grab pick ups along the way which will be weapons.
So whilst belting along the track and avoiding traps
make sure to pick up as many as possible.
This adds a nice competitive add to the
famous Sonic Dash, making it more
intense and similar to the nature of
Mario Kart.
Welcome to the pixelated world of Beat Street, a touchscreen brawler that wears its influences on its sleeves.
With the stop and start game play and occasional unsporting  use of baseball bats to bash enemies in the head, the game feels familiar apart from obviously being almost completely controlled by a single thumb.
The use of single thumb play could have spelled the end for Beat Street, but surprisingly they work extremely well. Enabling special move, deft footwork, kicks, punches and even the ability to smash evil rats faces in with bricks. This makes Beat Street the perfect freebie for retro iPhone brawlers.
Another old school Sega classic, Crazy Taxi is a favourite amongst many 90's kids. You fly around a videogame take on San Francisco, soaring through the air throwing yourself down massive hills whilst deliberately not avoiding hitting traffic out the way.
Given the fact this is a game about a "taxi" fairs are important. The object is to get the passenger to their destination in good time to replenish the clock. If you keep them entertained you're also rewarded with bonuses. Although crashing to much  can give them the chance to jump out of your cab, leaving you without their cash.
Crazy Taxi plays brilliantly, even with touchscreen controls but only works for free if you play online. However considering the quality of this App it’s a small price to pay.

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