Is the Camera diminishing its value when compared to smartphones?

Is the Camera diminishing its value when compared to smartphones?
If you’re like me and enjoy taking photos shooting a clip of my travels, the question comes should I invest in a DSLR or should I go and get a smartphone with a great camera?

camera setEvery year a new smartphone is released whether it’s Apple, Samsung or Sony we see that the manufacturers are getting better at capturing images, will it come to a point where the smartphone will overtake the camera?

In today’s age, everyone is on their phone sharing photos, videos through the world of social media, snapchat, Instagram and twitter. All this new technology, which may argue has almost eliminated the need for a digital camera. Companies are now giving their phones higher resolution cameras, I will be going through my research to find the if a digital camera is better for me or to buy a new smartphone with an excellent camera.

Over the last few years I have been using both my IPhone 6s as well as my Nikon D90. I thought it would be a good idea to go through with you why people are opting for smartphones more. As you may know, majority of all major manufacturers, including Nikon and Canon have reported decreased sales for the past few years. 

I strongly believe that the decrease of camera sales comes with the fact that people can now purchase a smartphone and take high quality images, good enough for most of us, right?
camera shotDuring my travels, I have seen more and more people using their phones rather than using a digital camera, you can take a photo and share with the world instantly, so questioning the image quality goes to the back of your head. With so many options using a variety of apps and filters available to us to achieve a good image, we get a sense of accomplishment. If it looks good for the Gram why bother with buying a digital camera?

Everyone looks for simplicity, ease and time saving. This is exactly what smartphone manufacturers are providing us with, transitioning into highly capable image and video recording devices, with sophisticated autofocus systems, improved image quality and HDR now coming into play. The latest smartphone models are even offering us the option for RAW image capture, which gives you the post-processing opportunity to give you an even higher quality image.
Comparing the prices of smartphones with the digital cameras is almost non-existent, Mobile phones such as the IPhone 8 costing around £700, that’s a lot of money for a phone, right? Well a DSLR will also cost you around the same price with higher models costing much more than the IPhone.
An average consumer doesn’t really look into the technical side of the digital camera and would opt for a mobile phone instead as long as the number of megapixel is larger than 8 MP.

Overall through my time, I have found that a smartphone with a high-quality camera is a better option for the masses, imagine carrying a DSLR around everywhere you go, they are bulky gadgets, you must take care of them, especially if they set you back a pretty penny. The smartphone gives you the ability to take a camera with you and record your special moments with ease, portability and being able to do so much more on the phone than just taking photos. 

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