New Android Update 8.1 Checks the Speed of Public Wi-fi Networks

New Android Update 8.1 Checks the Speed of Public Wi-fi Networks
Google have announced a nifty new tool in the Android 8.1 update

The new feature rolled out today allows Android users to check public WI-FI signals and speed.

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Using Android’s WI-FI assistant you will be able to see if your connection will allow you to browse without issues. WI-FI assistant Clarifies the strength’s in 4 Categories.

- Very Fast WI-FI Connection
- Fast WI-FI Connection
- OK WI-FI Connection
- Slow WI-FI connection

Android user’s expectations have been clearly set out.
Very fast connections will allow you to stream video’s and manage large amounts of data at once. This includes watching movies and TV shows like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.
Fast connections will possibly be able to stream large amounts of data but should expect interim disruption.

Ok connections will allow the user to manage general task like browsing, reading email and keeping up with your favourite news websites.

Slow connections mean you would be better off using your own data plan.
WI-FI assistant only works on Public WI-FI connections. Android requires access to the signal to check the connection speed.

Some business owners are not happy about this facility. Android have included a way for business owners to OPT out of this new feature.

To be able to use this new feature you must be able to update to Android 8.1.
Some Oreo phones are not compatible with the new feature. These phones often conflict with Google’s Project treble which allows users to update their mobile phone to the most up to date version of the operating system.

These issues will disappear gradually as Google now require all mobile phones shipped must include OREO to support project treble

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