Pros & Cons of Sim free phones

Pros & Cons of Sim free phones
If you are looking for a new smartphone, undoubtedly you’ve come across the term “sim free phone

sim free phonesMany of us have gone into a phone shop and purchased a pay monthly contract phone, what is this? A pay monthly contract is when you purchase a phone with a connected sim that allows you to call, text and use data services for a pre-arranged cost for duration of time, usually 24 months.
What does this allow us to do? For many of us this allows us to spread the cost of the phone over a period of time to make it more affordable.  With new phones becoming more expensive for some the cost of the monthly installments gets expensive depending on which tariff you decide to go for.
We’re going to go over some key points to take into consideration when researching for your new phone.
Sim Free Phones, What is a sim free phone? It’s exactly how it sounds; you buy a phone with no sim card. Most phones that you pick up from networks such as O2, Vodafone or even EE are usually ‘locked’ to that network, meaning that you can only use their network sim in the phone.  A sim free phone purchased from Apple, Samsung or Nokia often come ‘unlocked’ and with no contract. This to us means that we can chop and change different networks sim into the phone.

sim card
Purchasing a ‘unlocked’ Sim free phone allows us to decide on which network we want our service, with many different deals from pay as you go to sim only contracts.
You are able to upgrade your phone or network when you want too.  You’re not tied into a contract with a network or tariff, just buy a new phone and pop your sim in and away you go. 
Travelling abroad? Sim free phones are perfect for going abroad, all you need a local sim card and don’t need to worry about will the phone work overseas.
Some disadvantages to purchasing Sim free phones.
Initial cost can be high, just like buying a new laptop, TV or even a watch, you will be paying the full upfront cost of the phone. This can be quite of a shock when your used to paying £20 per month.

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