Samsung Super Screen - first completely bezel-free smartphone

Samsung Super Screen - first completely bezel-free smartphone
Samsung have invented a way to fill the entire front of a smartphone with the screen, putting pressure on Apple to follow in their footsteps.

The new suave design has completely killed off handset bezels (that annoying boarder that surround the phone display) which is something  Apple attempted with their iPhone X but didn’t quite manage, with a slight notch that sits at the top of the screen.
 They had to include the small 'notch' in order to house the sensors and front facing camera. Much like the Samsung Galaxy S8 which also launched last year, claiming a bezel free screen but actually delivering a very slim (almost non existent) bezel.
 The new and improved model was first spotted by LetsGoDigital, who reveal the company has accomplished to embed the sensors underneath the screen.
The camera is said to slightly poke out of a tiny hole near the very top of the phone screen, meaning the screen should be almost totally uninterrupted.
This allows Samsung to bring the display right over to all 4 corners.
Imran Choudhary (expert analyst) told the sun that this patent would "allow Samsung to push the boundaries" on screen design for smartphones.
"any such design shouldn’t compromise on the features and user experience consumers have to now expect"

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