The effects of Dating Apps on Mental Health

The effects of Dating Apps on Mental Health
So, with the ability to meet new people with the touch of a button on thousands of different apps, I would say the world of internet dating is vastly growing. 10 years back people would have laughed at the idea of going on a date with someone after swiping right on a picture of their face, now its very much a reality and looked at as normal behaviour.

Couple Walking on City StreetBut what could this growing craze be doing to your mental health? Has anyone even stopped to think about this? Is it a good thing that we have an almost endless supply of potential dates literally at our fingertips? I mean talk about convenience, but this could be causing a much bigger issue than any of us realise.

Yes, they will be influencing our mental health. Fortunately, there are experts that was to combat the negative effects and embrace the positive of using your mobile phone to find love.

Using Dating Apps can lead to increased anxiety and depression
Now this doesn’t become obvious straight away, as in the beginning using such apps can be very satisfying and exciting, however your blinded by this and cannot see there is a lot of exposure to rejection. Now obviously this isn’t experienced directly which does numb the blow a bit. But this can start to ware you down mentally without you even realising.

Things like ghosting, or low match rates can make regular users more cynical about other potential dates, over time. This means that if you are a regular user of these dating sites, you are more likely to start noticing more anxiety and depression then before.

Regular rejection can lower self esteem

Tying in to what I said above, overtime rejection that may be experienced on dating apps can have a direct negative impact on how you feel overall about yourself. It makes you start wondering, what’s wrong with me? Why do I keep being rejected? Same as dating without apps really, but with dating apps being so easy to meet and reject people it starts to happen very often making you think about it more, thus it is affecting how you feel more intensely.

Dating Apps make it easier to give up on current relationships

Ever heard of the expression, ‘the grass is greener on the other side’? that’s exactly what dating apps are doing to making users less inclined to work on their current relationships. It’s important to notice when these influences are negatively impacting your life. After all, life is one massive learning curve, and it can be easy to fall down a path of self-destruction without even realising. But it is your life, you are the one in control.

How to alleviate some of the effects

So, on the positive side, you don’t have to delete your dating apps to avoid these negative feelings. Its all about the way you use them, it simply comes down to being more mindful. Practice being in the present moment rather than always thinking about further improvement. And most importantly, if you do meet someone you like, get off the app!
Don’t expect it to constantly spew out perfect people for you to pick and choose from, even with the ease, finding someone you have strong feeling for and share interests and hobbies in rare and should still always be valued.

And most importantly, do not take it personally, there’s many reasons why certain things don’t work out and its not your job to find out why. Dating apps can be, like anything else, addictive at times, so if you ever do begin to feel the negative side effects take a break and remember how amazing you are.

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