Tips and tricks if you drop your phone in water

Tips and tricks if you drop your phone in water
With technology being a part of our daily lives it’s unthinkable to be without your phone for a day, well I know it’s like that for me.

Many of us are used to being seated on the toilet, scrolling through social media, playing games or even just keeping up-to-date on current affairs. It could be raining, and you drop your phone in a puddle and you think “oh god, will it still work?”. Don’t worry there are a few tricks that you can use to save your phone.
1 – Remove the phone from the water.
First thing is first, which is the most important, get your phone out the water as fast as possible. There is no point in getting frustrated after dropping your phone in water, just buck up and pick the phone up.
The quicker you pick the phone up out of the water, the better chance you have of saving your phone, not allowing water to take its time to enter your device.
Never rule out your device has already sustained damage the second it dropped in water.
2 – Remove the battery or shut your phone down.
Shut the phone down or remove the battery. With most of the newer models of phones we find that the battery can’t be removed, in this case all you need to do is shut the phone down, this will hopefully prevent any short circuits and potentially harming your device more.
If you are running an older phone, remove the battery as soon as possible.
3 – Remove the SIM and Memory cards.
Water can easily damage your sim card or even your memory card. If this happens you will not be able to access your data or your contacts at all, they will be lost.
Taking the Memory and SIM cards out as quick as possible increases your chances of re-using your SIM and Memory card without data being corrupted or lost. This also give the chance for the slots to dry out.
4 – If you’ve dropped your phone in the dirty water or saltwater, wash with clean water.
For those of us that do use our phones while sitting on the toilet, I’m sure a few of us have had a difficult day and next thing you know, the phone is sitting at the bottom of the toilet.
Wash your device with clean water straight after pulling it out of the water, this will clean all the contaminants and prevent corrosion.
Side note: don’t soak your device in water, wash it with running clean water.
5 – Dry your device
I know many of us have put their phone in a bag of uncooked rice, using a hairdryer or even placing your phone on a radiator. I have some news for you, it doesn’t really work, uncooked rice doesn’t absorb much water, using a hairdryer will force moisture, which in turn will damage all electrical component within your device.
What you should do is use a towel, I know this may sound basic, but it works. Once you have hand dried your phone, put your phone in a container and make sure you include silica gel (the packets).
Using a hoover works too and this is a relatively quicker way to dry your phone out.
6 – See if your phone is still working
Turn your device on, start going through your checks that everything is still working in the way it should be.
Make sure to test your device still charges properly, if your phone decides it doesn’t want to charge, your only option is to replace the water damaged battery.
So next time you drop your phone in water, just remember these simple steps and a little prayer your phone should survive the ordeal.
  • Remove the phone from water
  • Shut down device
  • Remove Sim/Memory cards
  • Wash with clean running water
  • Dry your device
  • Check to see if your phone is working

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