Travel the world with some help from the best travel apps

Travel the world with some help from the best travel apps
Want to go on a holiday? Is there any point in using travel agencies anymore? My simple answer is yes, I do want to go on holiday and no, I have everything I need on my phone. I will be sharing with you my travel apps and why they are so good.

Many people look at value for money when it comes to booking holidays, finding the most affordable flight and hotel can be tough especially when you want to have enough money to spend on your trip. Over the years, I have found several apps that I use regularly and have never regretted any trips I have taken.
Skyscanner is an app that is used widely around the world, able to find flights, hotels and rental cars, they have you pretty much covered. Once you know where you would like to go, simply search for flights to your destination and Skyscanner will find the most affordable and best options for you using their travel partners. You can see the cheapest dates to fly using a month view calendar, they even give you an option to get alerts onto my IPhone to keep an eye on when prices change. Don’t know where you want to go yet? Not to worry they also provide you with their ‘Top Deals’ for you to browse around.
Available on iOS and Android
travelzooThis is by far my most used travel app, not only are you able to find everything you need from last minute holiday deals to finding a good deal to dine out in your local area. The app itself is well constructed easy to browse through and see if anything takes your fancy. On a budget? Not to worry TravelZoo provide you with some of the best all-inclusive deals, weekend getaways and even luxury travel if you feel fancy. I would recommend this travel app to anyone looking for a bargain and fresh ideas on where to travel. Here is a tip for you, check their ‘Top 20 Deals’, these are regularly updated and can vary from a dinner in the Ritz to an all-inclusive trip to Cuba, all with a few taps on the phone.
Available on iOS and Android
Image result for kayak logoKayak
Kayak has become a very popular travel app among many and for good reason. Just like Skyscanner, Kayak completes searches from a large database of travel sites for flight, rental cars and hotels. One thing that did catch my eye with Kayak is being able to set price alerts and use Price Forecast to see if you should buy now or wait for the price to drop. For those of us that like having a planner and schedule, Kayak have a solution for you too, they have incorporated a travel planner allowing you to see important details, hotel confirmation number or even your gate number. If you have an Apple watch, you’re in luck you can check your trip planner with a simple app for your watch.
Available on iOS and Android
Airbnb has become a common household name, no matter where you are in the world. Effectively they have undercut hotels by offering cheaper prices, by staying with a local or renting their entire home. This for me has made my travelling so much more interesting and I tend to enjoy my trips more, you have peace of mind when booking a home or a room knowing that you’re in good hands and can always contact the landlord through a quick message within the app. It’s a very simple app to use, simply enter your destination and dates that you will be visiting, a list of available homes comes through and choose which one is best suited for yourself. Want to be close to the clubs, tourist attractions, or simply wish to be out of town and away from the hustle and bustle this is the perfect app. No need to book into a hotel anymore.
Available on iOS and Android
Image result for UberUber grew as a company very quickly and again has become a household name, going to work? No worries I’ll book an Uber. They operate in 633 cities across the globe which makes it a necessity no matter where I travel. Request a car to pick you up within minutes, your able to choose what type of car you would like and vary in fare quotes. Once you request a driver you can track the progress, see how far he is from pickup, registration number, a phone number to get into contact with your driver and then pay securely using a credit card. There is never a need for cash, waiting walking around trying to hail a taxi, just have one come to you. Simple.
Available on iOS and Android

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