What smartwatch should you buy in 2018?

What smartwatch should you buy in 2018?
Your considering buying a smartwatch for yourself, with so many choices out there how do you know which one to go for? 

Shopping for a smartphone, you’ll be able to find a variety of models to compare, although no matter what model you choose, it will still be able to complete the standard tasks, calling, texting, and running apps. However, with smartwatches it’s a different ball game, offering contrasting functions and features which makes finding the right smartwatch that much trickier.
We will be going over some of our top smartwatches from different makes and some of the features to look for. We hope that this should remove some confusion and worry you might be going through.
black smart watch First, we need to establish that the whole point of a smartwatch is that it tells time, who’s heard of a watch that doesn’t give you the time? Although that is not all we are looking for, that is just a base.
High-grade smartwatches from Samsung, Apple and Fitbit are essentially phones on your wrist. With the ability to run apps (smaller to the ones you get on a mobile device) let control your smartphone, track your run around the block, store music or with the latest inclusion is making a call, if you have a sim card.
One level down from the high-grade smartwatches are fitness trackers that come with a display. These devices can tell time, sometimes show you notifications from your phone. Primarily they are focused on logging your steps and other activities. While they’re not able to perform the same functions as a smartwatch, they often cost a lot less.
The important thing is that you check for certain specifications, is it compatible with your phone either iOS or Android, does the smartwatch have the features your looking for, how long does the battery last, don’t forget that smartwatches to require charging.
The Apple Watch
apple smart watch There is a debate throughout the world on Apple having the best smartwatch that money can buy right now. Its flawless integration with other iOS devices, apps available to you and is great at tracking your health and fitness, here are some of the key features for the Apple watch 3
  • LTE connectivity
  • 18-hour battery life
  • Waterproof to 50m
  • GPS & Altimeter
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Price from £329
The LTE connection is the new main feature compared to its predecessor, although it costs a lot more to use and doesn’t help the battery life in anyway.  One thing to keep an eye on is the fact that the Apple watch is only compatible with IPhone, so for all the Android users, sorry this isn’t the watch for you.
android wear
Android Wear
Google’s alternative to the Apple Watch, has some of the features of the Apple Watch, although they are more flexible, they work on all Android phone as well as IPhone (must be running Android Wear 2.0) but you won’t get much interaction with apps like iMessage.
All the major features are available, including seeing notifications and sending messages, tracking your health and fitness using Google Fit, listen to music, talk to Google Assistant and more. Some models do support 4G/LTE through a small sim slot meaning that you can make and receive phone calls without checking your phone.
With a variety of Android phones to choose from, there is a broad range of smartwatches to pick from. Prices are relatively cheaper than the Apple Watch, with the LG Watch Sport being one of the most expensive flagship model, retailing at £349.

Fitbit wearables
Giving smartwatch shoppers another model and platform to choose from. Like the Samsung watches, the Fitbit Blaze is compatible with both android and iOS users, so it’s a good option for those that may switch mobile platforms.
All the basic smartwatch features are available for you like notifications, fitness tracking, calendar updates and music controls all on your wrist. With all the basic features available, the Blaze does miss out on some advanced options, no voice-controlled smart assistant and you can’t run apps on the watch.
Samsung Tizen
Samsung makes some of the best wearables in the business, with an advantage of being able to work and pair with your Android an iOS device.
The Tizen smartwatch may not be as sleek or polished compared to some of its competitor, but in terms of features and functions, they’re almost on the same level. Able to track your activities, calendars, notifications and even make calls with the SIM models. You do miss out on replying to text messages.

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