Why Pay Monthly is the way forward

Why Pay Monthly is the way forward
With the use of mobile phones becoming wider and wider, it's almost impossible to imagine life without them. From apps for traffic, public transport, banking, organising, social media and of course infamous gaming, we live in a world almost controlled by the use of our smartphones. 

So, is it even possible to live by topping up a sim card when you need to? Or is this now a thing of the past, with pay monthly tariffs taking over
Well as you can imagine, there are many benefits to pay monthly mobile phones. For starters internet is almost a necessity for your handheld device. This is one thing pay monthly contracts are good for, is having a wide range of tariffs to choose from, so you can pick one to suit your needs i.e I probably use 10x as much data as say my nan does. So she probably won't be paying out a hefty amount for 32GB of data, knowing she mostly uses wifi if and when she needs to use internet on her phone.
But for someone like me, knowing i have the comfort of 32GB of data for the month is something I cherish. If you were to top up your phone, there is no way you could expect this sort of data allowance, unless your willing to spend a fortune.mage result for sim only
Another amazing benefit of pay monthly mobiles is that you do have the freedom to choose a 30 day rolling sim, for people that are put off by having to commit to a 24-month contract, or even if you feel like you can't guarantee you will always have spare money to pay every month. This still gives you amazing packages of minutes, calls and data, but without a massive commitment.

pay monthly

Pay monthly contracts are mostly great as you can have the latest (or however latest you desire) handset, in your possession without forking out £800+ in one go. Imagine having to buy an iphone outright each time, the amount of saving!! Pay monthly allows you to benefit in this way by spreading the cost of the handset over 12/24 months, alongside a tariff where you can get your desired amount of mins, texts and data. Even though this might seem like a long time, your upgrade will be round the corner before you even know it.
Obviously, to be able to take out a contract, you need to have a reasonable credit rating (i don't know what classes as reasonable, that's the professionals job) which the network provider will decide for you by running a credit check. This can deter customers, but you never know until you try!

Another possible downfall is obviously the contract length. This also deters people as they worry that they will lose/break their phone before the contract ends. Even though, obviously, know one can guarantee you this won't happen, there are many insurance companies out there willing to insure you handset at a very low cost. Meaning, if this was to happen, they would send you a brand new phone (most) with a small (in comparison to the phone price) excess fee. If you don't have insurance, Network Providers will still try to help you out of your contract. Say your coming towards the end of your contract, with just 6 months to go, and you drop your phone down the loo. Terrible right? Your network provider may offer you the opportunity to just pay the remainder of your phone off (contract prices are usually broken down to phone and tariff)
This means you would still have the same tariff, but you could pay the remaining cost of the phone off, and they will send you a brand new one of your choice (subject to blah blah) so it's not too much of an issue.
Great right?

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