iPhone 2018 Release Date, UK Price and Specs Rumours

iPhone 2018 Release Date, UK Price and Specs Rumours
So, its edging closer to the annual iPhone release, and even though we still have a whopping 8 months left to wait, there’s a lot of questions on people’s minds.

Like, will there be an iPhone 9, or is that now being skipped because of the iPhone X (10)?
Will there be an iPhone X Plus? Or will the new iPhone be something different again?

iPhone 2018Rumours never stop flying when it comes to Apples new innovative yearly designs, and this year in three reports each attained to MacRumors, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo states apple will launch three iPhones based on the iPhone X design. There will be; a second generation 5.8-inch iPhone X, a 6.5-inch ‘iPhone X Plus’ and the long awaited 6.1-inch ‘iPhone X SE’
He states that all three of the new and improved iPhones will have a larger battery. Now this really is something, being an iPhone user myself I know how stressful battery life can be.
And of course, there will be some compromises for the iPhone SE, starting with the battery which won’t use the same advanced technology. It might also miss out on the dual camera, OLED display and the beloved 3D touch.

Whilst there are some rumours emanating that the new iPhone’s may have a reduced price, Kuo has said this is not true. He claims that the second-generation iPhone X will start at the same amount as the previous (£1000) with the Plus model ranging at around £1200. The iPhone SE will follow starting at around £700.

The current iPhone SE starts from just £349, meaning its more than doubled in price. It won’t even be the cheapest iPhone you can purchase in September; the iPhone 7 will replace the 6s at £449 making it the cheapest model.

So even though to iPhone release is always exciting, there’s a few reasons to think about possible going for a cheaper model than the newest and best. With prices rising constantly, were always paying more for things without even realising. iPhones are great, I personally love them and will probably always use them, but do we need to be obsessed with having the newest model?

I guess it comes down to personal preference, everyone loves having the newest things but if you’re a bit tight on money consider going for a slightly older model, which will still be exciting and impressive!

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