EE WIFI Calling - Unprecedented Clarity

EE WIFI Calling - Unprecedented Clarity
The struggle for better network reception is eternal. Network carriers do their best to have perfect reception, but there are still some areas that are impossible to reach. We have all been there. 

At home, relaxing when the phone suddenly rings. You pick up, but can’t hear anything so you proceed to run around the flat trying to find better reception. In all that haste, you stump your toe on the coffee table, experiencing an unbelievable amount of pain. All because we seldom stop to think about reception when picking out a new phone. Just think about it! How many times has network reception crossed your mind when shopping for a new phone or plan? Most likely zero! We than keep our phones in the sweet spot within the apartment and make calls in that same area. Well if you have bad reception at home and a solid WIFI network, we bring great news! EE has just introduced a service called WIFI Calling allowing calls and texts to be transmitted over wireless networks! How does it all happen? Keep on reading to find out!
The idea behind WIFI Calling is fairly simple. In areas with low network coverage, calls and texts get transmitted over wireless networks. Let’s say you live in an apartment building with horrible reception, but your home WIFI reaches all the spots without any issues. With WIFI Calling enabled, every time you come home, the smartphone would connect to your home network and automatically use that instead of GSM signal. Not only does this work at home, but it can also work in places such as the subway, parking garages, basements, etc. The only important factor is to have a WIFI network with reasonable speed. And by reasonable we mean every entry level connection you get nowadays.
So where is the catch? How much is all this going to cost? The answer is nothing! Of course, you have to purchase a supported smartphone along with a plan, but other than that there are no hidden fees or extra costs. Just enable WIFI Calling and enjoy crystal clear conversations in all parts of your home. So far EE offers WIFI Calling on Nokia Lumia 640, Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge, and iPhone 6, however there is a plan in place to expand that range by the end of summer. If you decide to purchase one of those devices, the process to enable WIFI Calling involves literally pressing one button. There are no apps to install or difficult settings to adjust.

Enable the setting, leave the WIFI on, and let the magic happen in the background. Don’t be held hostage by your reception! Get WIFI calling and experience crystal clear communication like never before!


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