Find Your Phone Quickly and Easily

Find Your Phone Quickly and Easily
Losing a smartphone has to be one of the scariest thoughts to come across our minds. It’s not the thought of taking a financial hit that scares us, but the access to personal info.

We’ve spent countless nights thinking about what would happen if someone came into possession of our smartphone. The average user keeps a ton of personal info on the phone and we are no exception. Everything from social media, cloud storage, email access, bank accounts, etc. is stored on our device. Things like banking apps have made life incredibly easy, but they pose a huge security threat. Don’t log out and somebody can gain access to all your funds by simply stealing your phone. Since losing a handset is such a nightmare, developers worked hard on creating a solution that would help you retrieve a lost or stolen device. Since there are a couple available, we’ll be giving you pluses and minuses of two best ones.
First app on our list is called Android Device Manager. It’s a built in app by Google enabling users to remotely erase data, pinpoint device location and remotely lock it, and setting it up involves just a couple of short steps. A prerequisite is having a registered Google account after which you need to enable it under the settings menu on your device. Many devices have it enabled by default for security reasons, just check to make sure. Once you misplace a phone simply navigate to and log in to see its location. In case the current location isn’t available, it will show you the last known location. On the left side are three buttons: ring, lock, and erase. These commands only work if the device is on, however once activated they execute next time the device turns on and gains internet access.
Another great app goes by the name of “Cerberus” and is widely considered to be one of the best anti-theft apps on the market. Besides having the same basic purpose as Android Device Manager, Cerberus offers additional features such as hiding it from the app drawer, obtaining full location history to see where the device has been in the past, taking pictures, screenshots and even videos to identify the perpetrator, accessing a list of last calls sent and received along with information about cell phone network and Wi-Fi network the device is connected to, and nearby Wi-Fi networks. Users can also set it up to send email/SMS alerts if the SIM card is changed or take a photo when a wrong unlock code is entered.
As demonstrated by our article, it is not the end of the world if your phone gets misplaced or stolen, but some preparation is required. Even though Google has a built in protection system, it’s fairly basic compared to a solution such as Cerberus. A fully featured software will give you a piece of mind, costing only around £3.50 for a lifetime license. This is certainly an investment worth making considering the value of all your data!

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