Messenger Join the Revolution

Messenger Join the Revolution
Remember good old times when Facebook wasn’t a focal point of your social life? Don’t feel bad because we don’t remember them either. From the moment we first started using it, we were addicted and we’re sure many of the other 1.4 billion users feel the same way. What is it about Facebook that got us hooked in the first place? No one really knows, but one thing is for certain, social networking spread like wildfire thanks to it. An integral part of any social network is messaging. The amount of sent messages over Facebook is probably in the trillions, inciting the company to separate messages from the core social networking.

Embarking upon a new business venture, Facebook separated messaging and gave the new app a very creative name: “Messenger”. So how does Facebook’s new messenger stack up against other apps? Can it compete with the likes of Viber and WhatsApp? For starters, the new app has a staggering amount of features similar to what you get on other services. Voice calls, stickers, add-ons, everything is there. Really surprising was the amount of add-on apps available since everything from creating memes,
sending videos, making films, making GIFs, and loads more can be found on there. So being creative on Messenger isn’t a problem, but what about other functions?

Once opened, you are greeted with familiar Facebook design. Designers have managed to combine simplicity with elegance making sure the app is gorgeous and accessible to everyone. Conversation thread is displayed chronologically in the main menu. Long press on any conversation opens up a menu with all the conversation options such as archive, mark as spam, delete, mute, etc. Buttons on the bottom enable you to search, place a call, and create a new message. There are four menus in total and they can either be accessed by pressing their respective icons on top, or by swiping left or right. Second menu is home for group conversations where you can pin selected conversations or create a new group. Third menu lets you view contacts that have messenger with the added bonus of being able to filter those currently online. Fourth menu are the settings. 
One thing Messenger does differently are conversations. A feature called chat heads lets you quickly read and reply to messages while using other apps. Every time you get a message, a chat head will pop up to let you know. To move it around the screen, simply press longer on it and place it wherever you see fit. Other features such as sending photos, voice recordings, stickers, animations and calls work flawlessly as well. Unlike in previous Facebook conversations, users are given much more freedom and flexibility. You don’t just have to rely on words to get the message across. All considered, we think Facebook has struck gold despite forcing you to install a separate app for messaging. If you already haven’t, head over to your app store and join millions of users across the globe!

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