YouTube – 10 years later

YouTube – 10 years later
Just 10 years ago, our world was a faceless place devoid of entertaining videos we enjoy so much today, but thanks to three brilliant software engineers, it was changed forever using one very simple idea. 

The history of YouTube isn’t complicated. It is a fantastic story of how a basic need transformed into something incredible because of people. Back in 2005, cheap cameras were beginning to surface yet there wasn’t a suitable platform to share recorded footage. You could have burned DVDs and sent them out to friends, but that seemed way too complicated in an era where data was seamlessly exchanged over internet. 
Even though YouTube grew into something totally different, originally it was conceived as a dating site. Its founders wanted to create a video version of a dating website that encouraged users to rate others on a scale. Great on paper, the idea didn’t pan out as well as they hoped it would so they moved onto something else. Next stop was creating a video platform for auction sites, a place where users could upload videos about their products. At first it attracted more users than before, but it was used for things other than selling products.

Even the first video uploaded by one of the founders has nothing to do with selling:
Because it was so elegant and easy to use, YouTube caught on like wildfire. People across the globe started uploading videos, reaching the incredible 300 hours of footage uploaded every minute figure we have today. It would take centuries, if not millenniums to watch it all. We don’t know about you, but to us that is pretty spectacular. With other platforms roaming around, why is YouTube still so popular? For starters, most of us have access to music thanks to it. Over 40% of content on the site is music and we all know how people love music, especially if it is free. Copyright violating or not, numerous artists reach incredible fame because of it. Besides serving up free music, YouTube gives everyone a chance to become famous. Simply grab a cheap camera and start your own channel. One example is a user called PewDiePie who amassed over 38 million subscribers earning himself millions through advertising along the way. PewDiePie is a clear example of how anyone can succeed just by having interesting content.

Over the years YouTube became a big part of our web surfing routine. Not a day goes by without someone sharing an entertaining video or some random song. While other platforms rise to the top and vanish equally fast, YouTube is here to stay because we, the people, are an endless source of creativity and entertainment. 

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