30/11/2012 17:10:15
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Jet Set Radio released for mobiles, ready to impress you with its funky graphics and tunes

The action filled classic from Sega Dreamcast makes its way to mobile more...

29/11/2012 13:52:23
Blog Image
Windows Phone 7.8 update slated for early 2013 release

Microsoft confirms that it hasn't forgotten about the users on older hardware, and that a substantial update to all the existing Windows Phone 7.5 devices is coming in early more...

28/11/2012 17:18:18
Blog Image
Phones are bent, twisted and sat on in this stress-test video by Samsung

How durable is your shinny new handset really? A video released by Samsung gives us a behind the scenes look at how the manufacturer puts its phones to various tests to find out just more...

26/11/2012 17:14:21
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Samsung Galaxy Note II smashes the 5 million sales milestone

It only took 2 months for Samsung's super-charged smartphone to hit the impressive milestone, further solidifying the position of 'phablets' in the more...

23/11/2012 15:26:08
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FoneGuide: Best keyboards for Android

With so many ways to tweak the way your smartphone behaves, it's easy to overlook that you also have the freedom to easily replace your default keyboard. The virtual keyboard serves as your primary means of input, whether you're using a phone or a tablet, so it's paramount to have a keyboard that feels just right for more...

22/11/2012 17:14:28
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City coming to mobiles on December 6th

New details emerge about the highly anticipated re-release of Vice City on mobile more...

21/11/2012 17:16:33
Blog Image
Jolla shows off Sailfish Mobile OS, promises fast and effortless interaction

Finnish company Jolla officially takes the wraps off Sailfish, a mobile operating system with consumer friendly more...

20/11/2012 17:12:20
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Google to expand its Play Music service library with 5.5 Million additional songs

A licensing deal with an alliance of European music publishers will bring music from 35 countries to Google Play more...

19/11/2012 17:19:28
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HTC Windows Phone 8S shows off its funky features in this official video

Official videos are always great as they give insights about the particular features manufactures consider being the most interesting to the consumer. The upcoming Windows Phone 8S is the latest product from HTC to receive that video more...

16/11/2012 17:24:30
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FoneGuide: Best web browsers for Android

Before the emergence of smartphones, it was up to the manufacturer to predict what the user would need in terms of apps and features. With no real means of replacing or tweaking the built-in software, users were often stuck with buggy or downright broken apps. The beauty of smartphones is that you have near infinitive possibilities to enhance your experience with apps, apps and some more apps. In this issue of FoneGuide, we'll be taking our laser sights on the best free alternatives for web browsing on Android more...

15/11/2012 17:10:22
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Samsung Galaxy S3 mini preview

The Samsung Galaxy S3 mini is not your typical downsized smartphone. With a 4.0 inch Super AMOLED display and powerful 1 GHz dual-core Cortex-A9 processor, the mini is a fully featured smaller brother of the highly-successful Samsung Galaxy more...

14/11/2012 16:55:13
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Nokia rebrands its mapping service, expands it to other mobile platforms

Nokia continues playing to its strengths by expanding its mapping service to other platforms and launching a new web more...

13/11/2012 17:28:31
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Google Play Music update lands alongside the store’s UK launch

Auto-generated ‘Instant Mixes’ and gapless playback are among the new features for Google's cloud based music more...

12/11/2012 17:42:48
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Skype Preview for Windows Phone 8 goes live

Microsoft releases Skype Preview that brings the promised integration with Windows Phone 8 more...

09/11/2012 17:16:11
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How businesses can benefit from embracing 4G LTE

Mobile network operator EE reveals the results of the world's first global study into the business benefits of 4G more...

08/11/2012 12:58:41
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Samsung Galaxy S III cleans house at the Stuff Gadget Awards 2012

Last week, the highly coveted Android powerhouse managed to pick not just one, but two prestigious awards that underlined its astonishing success story in the world of more...

07/11/2012 17:33:38
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Review: Tower Raiders 3 for Android

Tower defence games come and go in all sorts of flavours, and so it's getting increasingly difficult for the developers to put an interesting spin on the ageing formula. But there are also some success stories to be found, and Tower Raiders 3 seems to be part of more...

06/11/2012 17:33:31
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Instagram brings web profiles to its users

The popular photo-sharing service is gradually rolling out the long-awaited feature that brings profile photos, bios and images to the vast reaches of more...

05/11/2012 17:37:09
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Samsung Galaxy Note II tips and tricks

Samsung has released several insightful videos that centre on the vast amount of options that the Galaxy Note II offers to its more...

02/11/2012 17:28:46
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FoneGuide: Best GPS tracking apps for Android

Whether you want to find your misplaced phone or keep track of your family members, your GPS-enabled smartphone can be an incredibly useful tool for any of those things and much more. Today we will be looking at three most popular Android tracking apps so that you will never need to feel lost more...

01/11/2012 17:10:44
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12 Gameloft games coming to Windows Phone 8

Gameloft has announced that it will be releasing 12 of its most popular games to Windows Phone 8, complete with 'optimisations' that will take advantage of the platform's Xbox ecosystem and more...