FoneGuide: Best GPS tracking apps for Android

FoneGuide: Best GPS tracking apps for Android
Whether you want to find your misplaced phone or keep track of your family members, your GPS-enabled smartphone can be an incredibly useful tool for any of those things and much more. Today we will be looking at three most popular Android tracking apps so that you will never need to feel lost again...

Best GPS tracking apps for Android

Wheres My Droid

Developer: Alienman Tech

Status: Free (basic) + £2.48 Pro version

As the name already implies, this app will help you quickly locate your phone in the unfortunate event it is stolen or misplaced. First of all, Wheres My Droid can make your phone ring or vibrate - even when the phone is set to silent mode. If you're still struggling to find your phone, you can also make it send you a text message with the GPS coordinates and a link to Google maps.

Wheres My Droid

Wheres My Droid 2

You can remotely control this app in two ways: by sending a text message containing a predefined 'attention word', or by accessing from any computer. There's a white/ black list feature so you can specify which numbers can control the app via text, and you can set-up password protection to prevent anyone from changing the app's settings. If you decide to upgrade, the Pro version of the app will allow you to lock or wipe your phone remotely.


Developer: Share your where

Status: Free

Glympse is an ingenious and simple way to share your location with your family members or a specific group of friends. Although on the surface, Glympse might appear overly similar to Foursqare, this location-aware app allows you to be more selective with whom exactly you share this often sensitive data. You can send real-time information about your on-going trip via text message, email address or social networks, and the app allows you to control exactly how long other users will be able to follow your current location.
The uses of this app will vary drastically from user to user. You can coordinate your night outs, track your friends as they travel to the meeting location, or remotely follow your children as they come back from school. You can even track the travel speed using Glympse, so you'll immediately know when your contacts are stuck in traffic. On top of all, the app comes in a neatly organised interface with a minimum learning curve to get you started.


Developer: jose vazquez

Status: Free + £1.63 Pro version

OruxMaps is a comprehensive app that stands out with its enhanced location tracking features. While recording your route, the app will display your coordinates, heading, speed, altitude, and you can even attach external devices like a Bluetooth heart monitor or GPS receiver. All recorded track data can then be exported in KML/GPX formats.

OruxMaps can work in online mode using map data from Google, Microsoft or Yandex, or offline, using the built-in Map Creator tool. The only complaint is that OruxMaps is not the most intuitive looking app, and in the first few moments it might overwhelm you with the sheer amount of options.  Luckily most elements of the UI can be tweaked to display the amount of information you require, but you might want to grab a manual if you wish to explore all the additional mapping features that this app has to offer. Although feature wise, both the free and 'Donate' version of OruxMaps are identical, we strongly urge you to support the developers if you find this extensive application helpful.

It is important to keep in mind that tracking apps, just like any other features that rely heavily on the built-in GPS receiver in your phone, will consume an absorbent amount of battery life. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, always double-check that the app is closed correctly when you don't need it - otherwise it might still continue to run its battery-draining services in the background. And, above all, you should always ask for the person's permission before installing any tracking applications on their phone.


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