FoneGuide: Best web browsers for Android

FoneGuide: Best web browsers for Android
Before the emergence of smartphones, it was up to the manufacturer to predict what the user would need in terms of apps and features. With no real means of replacing or tweaking the built-in software, users were often stuck with buggy or downright broken apps. The beauty of smartphones is that you have near infinitive possibilities to enhance your experience with apps, apps and some more apps. In this issue of FoneGuide, we'll be taking our laser sights on the best free alternatives for web browsing on Android phones.

Best web browsers for Android
Web browsing has become one of the central activities we do on our phones, and it only takes a moment to glance over at current phones like Samsung Galaxy S3, Motorola RAZR i or Sony Xperia J to realise this. All of these phones wield expansive, high resolution screens that are perfectly suited for browsing on the go. And, while the stock Android browser is quite efficient at what it does, there're plenty of reasons to look into alternatives - you might require the extra speed, support for flash content or the ability to sync your bookmarks with your computer. As usual, the freedom of choice you have in Google Play can be a little overwhelming, so today we'll be looking into three well established and time tested browsers that you simply cannot go wrong with.


Google's alternative web browser for Android has been extremely well received ever since it first appeared as a public beta. Chrome only got better from there, with a number of features that if not reflect, then at least come very close to its desktop counterpart.

It not only offers a clean and efficient means to access your favourite websites, but it can also sync your open tabs, login data and bookmarks with Chrome on your computer. The browser also comes with Incognito mode that lets you go off the record while browsing any content. Sadly the app requires a handset running on Android 4.0 or later.

Dolphin Browser HD/ Mini

Dolphin Browser has been on many users phones because of its extensive list of third party plugins that make web browsing better. In fact, there are so many interesting add-ons available for Dolphin that it's worth making a separate article. There are add-ons that can change the appearance of the browser, save complete pages in PDF format for offline viewing, or translate online text to different language.
Dolphin Browser HD

With the sheer amount of options to extend its features, it's easy to overlook that Dolphin is simply a very solid browser to start with - it is lighting fast, and it even supports intuitive on-screen gestures as well as voice input via the Dolphin Sonar feature. There're two versions of this popular browser to consider - the fully featured 'HD' version, and the 'Mini' version that trades features for increased speed and performance. Take your pick.

Opera Mobile/ Mini

Opera Mobile has been around from what seems to be the dawn of phones. It sports many positive attributes that has allowed it to survive for so long - the slick interface, the reliability and - on top of all - speed. The browser can compress data in the background, which not only improves the speed the sites load, but it also helps you preserve your mobile bandwidth.
Opera Mobile web browser

It also features Opera Link that allows you to synchronise bookmarks, Speed Dials and other content across different platforms. Similar to Dolphin, there are two versions of Opera Mobile to choose from - users running on older hardware or with limited mobile data caps will be better off with Opera Mini.


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