Google to expand its Play Music service library with 5.5 Million additional songs

Google to expand its Play Music service library with 5.5 Million additional songs
A licensing deal with an alliance of European music publishers will bring music from 35 countries to Google Play Music.

Google Play Music
Google signed a licensing agreement that gives the online giant rights to distribute an additional 5.5 million tracks via its Play Music service. The licensing deal was made with Armonia, an alliance of French, Italian and Spanish licensing groups.

Although the financial terms were not disclosed, the deal is considered substantial as it allows Google to offer its Play Music service to customers across all of Europe, whereas traditionally most companies have to pursue licensing deals on a country-by-country basis. The umbrella license from European copyright holders means that Google's digital music shop will now include works from such popular artists like Lady Gaga or Rihanna.

Sami Valkonen, Google's head of music licensing, said: "We’re thrilled to have reached an agreement with the Armonia societies. Licenses such as this are important in ensuring that artists and rights-holders are rewarded fairly for their creative endeavours, and digital service providers are able to bring innovative services to market for the benefit of European consumers. Armonia is a welcome development in the on-going reform of pan-territorial licensing in Europe in helping simplify and speed-up the music-licensing process, which is crucial in fostering ongoing rapid innovation by digital music service providers"

Last week we reported that Google opened the gates to its online music store for customers in several European countries, including UK. The service first launched in 2011 with a song library of 8 million. The latest deal is essential for Google as it aims to bolster its ecosystem of services, from apps to movies and books, to the millions of Android devices across the world.


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