How businesses can benefit from embracing 4G LTE

How businesses can benefit from embracing 4G LTE
Mobile network operator EE reveals the results of the world's first global study into the business benefits of 4G networks.

The 'Business Benefits of 4G LTE' study shows that superfast network has helped businesses improve their daily processes, and thus boost productivity and profit.

The study took place during September 2012 and was based on 32 interviews with 4G LTE-enabled businesses worldwide and responses from over 1,200 business decision makers.

The study shows that Sales (57% respondents) is the main beneficiary of 4G LTE services, followed by Customer Services (40%), Operations (39%) and Marketing (28%). From the US businesses surveyed, 76% agree that 4G has helped their organisations ‘innovate and jump the competition’, while 86% say they can get ‘more work done on the move’.

According to US users, improved speed of access to applications and files, and the flexibility to work in new locations are the main benefits of 4G. Nearly half of the surveyed US companies (47%) said that 4G has helped save money by hot-desking and reducing the time wasted when transferring large and complex files.

Speaking about the British businesses demand for 4G services, almost three quarters (74%) of businesses nationally intend to employ 4G services within the next 12 months. And, to mimic the trend occurring in America, the study found that CEOs and sales staff will be among the first adopters of the new technology.

As the next big step in mobile communications, 4G LTE substantially improves the speed of data transfer and response times of the network. Congestion is another important area the fourth generation of mobile networks addresses.

The first 4G LTE network in UK, dubbed 4GEE, was officially launched by EE in 11 cities on the 30th of October, while 5 additional cities to have access to the high-speed service by the end of this year.


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