Instagram brings web profiles to its users

Instagram brings web profiles to its users
The popular photo-sharing service is gradually rolling out the long-awaited feature that brings profile photos, bios and images to the vast reaches of web.

Instagram - new format
Instagram has earned an incredible popularity amongst smartphone and tablet users alike, and we in turn liked its creative potential so much that we just had to include it in the photography apps article we published some time ago. The company behind Instagram has now decided to expand its reach by opening up its colossal collection of filtered images to the World Wide Web. The new feature, aptly called ‘Web Profiles‘, allows users to read bios, view and 'like' photos as well as leave their comments without having to necessarily use the mobile app. 
If you want to check your Instagram profile or explore friend’s page, simply navigate to It might take a few more days before all 100 million of Instagram users have access to their web profiles. You shouldn't worry about anyone accessing your private photos, as only your Instagram friends that are allowed to follow you can view the content. Although seemingly basic, the Facebook-inspired layout of the web profile is quite functional and allows users to effortlessly browse through complete libraries in just a few moments.
Instagram - new feature
Feature wise, we'd still like to see the same photo stream functionality like what the mobile app offers. The inclusion of photo uploading seems even less likely, seeing how the creators have explicitly stated that they'd rather keep the focus on the content produced from mobile devices. The latest addition of web-based profiles seems like an ingenious way to popularise Instagram to users unfamiliar with the mobile app, while for others it’s just another solid reason to continue loving the service.


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