Jolla shows off Sailfish Mobile OS, promises fast and effortless interaction

Jolla shows off Sailfish Mobile OS, promises fast and effortless interaction
Finnish company Jolla officially takes the wraps off Sailfish, a mobile operating system with consumer friendly UI.

A Finnish startup company called Jolla has given the first glimpse into the new operating system for mobile devices, Sailfish OS. The company demonstrated the user interface as well as released some information regarding the hardware that will power smartphones running Sailfish.

The new mobile OS takes visual cues from Android as well as the now-defunct MeeGo OS, but also introduces several unique features targeted at making the user interaction with the OS faster and more efficient. Users will be able to double-tap to wake the phone's screen from standby, swipe the screen sideways to exit apps and access the new 'hybrid' homescreen.
In Sailfish OS, the homescreen isn't quite what you'd expect - it's actually an interesting blend between a traditional start screen and multitasking view. Applications on the homescreen appear as 'cards' that you can interact with just like you would with widgets on Android. This in turn allows you to control several applications without having to open them individually.
Sailfish OS
But the question that's probably on everyone's mind is apps - a new mobile operating system usually struggles to offer a decent portfolio of content at the very beginning of its lifespan. Jolla sidesteps the issue in a rather ingenuous fashion by allowing Sailfish OS users run Android apps. The company, however, didn't clarify how many apps will be compatible 'out of the box', and how many will require some extra tweaking.

The startup company knows all too well that coming up with a great OS is only one but important step of the journey. Alongside showing Sailfish OS in action, Jolla has also announced that it's partnering with ST-Ericsson, a manufacturer of chipsets, and Finland's DNA, the third-largest mobile network in the country. Jolla also hopes to expand its reach to China, where the market is more inviting to emerging mobile operating systems as demonstrated by the success of Xiaomi’s MIUI. It is also known that the company has signed an distribution agreement with D.Phone Group, which is the largest mobile phone retail chain in China.

Jolla describes Sailfish OS as 'highly adaptable', and sees this Linux based mobile operating system expanding beyond just the smartphones to other devices like tablets and TVs. You can check out the official promo video showcasing the cool features of Sailfish OS by following this link.

What do you guys think, is the market ready for yet another mobile operating system, even when it shows so much promise for innovation? Let us know in the comments below!


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