Phones are bent, twisted and sat on in this stress-test video by Samsung

Phones are bent, twisted and sat on in this stress-test video by Samsung
How durable is your shinny new handset really? A video released by Samsung gives us a behind the scenes look at how the manufacturer puts its phones to various tests to find out just that.

stress-test video by Samsung

Published on Samsung's Youtube channel, the video shows smartphones like the Galaxy S III, or its larger brother, the Note II, subjected to a series of tests to measure their reliability.

Our phones are with us almost every step of the way. Through countless little interactions, these trusty companions receive a considerable beating over time. Some of it can be avoided, like the scratches on the screen, while other things, like buttons presses, are unavoidable. Phones need to last longer, and it's up to the manufacturers to predict which parts exactly will see the most wear, and act accordingly.

Galaxy S III

While fun to watch, there's not much sense behind the crude drop-test videos that people post online. In a stark contrast to that, there's a clear sense of purpose behind the rigid testing procedures of Samsung. It's a multi-stage event where phones are sprayed with water, flexed and scratched in order to simulate real life wear and tear.

In one torture chamber, for instance, the home button is being pressed 200 000 times in a rapid succession, while in another, the phone sees the bottom of a jean's wearing moniker. After all, who hasn't accidentally sat on their phone at least once in their lifetime?

Stress-test 2

While the above video is in Korean, the pain these phones have to endure require little to no translation. And, despite the mostly plastic construction, the durability of everyone's favourite Galaxy S III is truly astonishing to say the least.

Now that you've watched the video, do you feel more confident about your phone's long-term prospects?


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