Samsung Galaxy Note II tips and tricks

Samsung Galaxy Note II tips and tricks
Samsung has released several insightful videos that centre on the vast amount of options that the Galaxy Note II offers to its users.

Samsung Galaxy Note II tips and tricks
The hands-on videos posted on Samsung's official Youtube channel take an in-depth tour around the key aspects of the Galaxy Note II such as the hardware, multitasking features and built-in apps. Ever wondered how to simultaneously run two applications in the same screen, or how to transform your captured photos into a hand-drawn work of art? The videos also showcase some neat tricks you can perform with the S Pen - a powerful companion for on-the-go creativity and one of the stand-out features of Samsung Galaxy Note II.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - notes function
The described features also smartly focus on the actual benefits that they bring to the user, so the videos can be an interesting and useful watch for existing as well as potential owners of the Galaxy Note II.
Air View - Samsung Galaxy Note 2

With its sharp 5.5-inch Super AMOLED HD display and heavyweight 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is an improvement over its predecessor in every conceivable way. It shouldn't come as a big surprise then, that the global sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 have hit the 3 million mark in just 37 days. This comes on top of the news that Samsung has sold 30 million units of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III, making it one of the fastest selling smartphones in the world.



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