Samsung Galaxy S III cleans house at the Stuff Gadget Awards 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III cleans house at the Stuff Gadget Awards 2012
Last week, the highly coveted Android powerhouse managed to pick not just one, but two prestigious awards that underlined its astonishing success story in the world of tech.

Samsung Galaxy S III
At the fifth annual Stuff Gadget Awards, the Samsung Galaxy S III was the star of the show as it grabbed two awards: 'Smartphone of the Year' and the most prestigious 'Gadget of the Year'.

Stuff Gadget Awards is an annual show that is led by the popular consumer technology and gadget magazine in the UK. The winners are picked across 20 different categories that encompass the full breadth of different gadgets, including phones, tablets, computers, cameras, TV and apps.

But the Galaxy S III managed to fight off fierce competition and earn the two highly-sought after awards in what probably has been one of the best and wallet draining years for the fans of smartphones and gadgets in general.
Galaxy S III

This has been a hugely successful year for Samsung as it announced earlier that the worldwide sales of their flagship smartphone have hit the 30 million mark since its launch roughly five months ago. It is a truly mind-blowing achievement that is only surpassed by the fashion in which the sales of this gadget have gained momentum. Only in September, the Korean tech giant reported that the Galaxy S III has sold more than 20 million units. Even its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S II, which picked up its fair share of awards in 2011, is still a very popular choice in the UK thanks to its excellent price/performance ratio and vivid display.

It's not hard to spot the reasons as to why the consumers are reaching out for the Galaxy S III when shopping for a high-end Android smartphone. An improvement over everything that Samsung has previously achieved in its flagship line of smartphones, the Galaxy S III boasts a powerful 1.4 GHz quad-core processor, superb connectivity features and an outstanding 4.8 inch high-definition AMOLED display that is also one of the largest on any smartphone. The rich set of hardware features combine with the equally impressive software of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Samsung TouchWiz UI, which means the Galaxy S III is both extremely versatile and easy to use. And with the release of a Galaxy S III 4G LTE variant that works with EE's recently launched high-speed network, it is clear that the incredible sales of the Samsung's juggernaut will show no signs of slowing down.


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