Google Play store update brings wishlists

Google Play store update brings wishlists
An update for Google Play store is gradually making its way across Android devices that will let you bookmark content for later viewing via the new wishlists feature.

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The latest addition should feel fairly familiar to anyone who has used online stores before, and so it's even more surprising that it took Google so long to implement it. Once you’ve received the update, you can find the bookmark icon in the top right section of the screen when viewing any item in Google Play Store. With the wishlists feature you can save any kind of content found in the store, from apps, games to movies and magazines. To locate the content you've bookmarked, just hit the menu button and choose "My Wishlist" option from the dropdown window. The saved items have different colours depending on their type to make the navigation through the list more intuitive.

The update should reach your device eventually - if it hasn't already. If you haven’t noticed, last week’s update brought the ability to remove previously uninstalled applications from the ’My Apps’ section of the store, and it also resolved the extremely frustrating issue when the store didn’t remember your last position in a list.

In other Google related news, the company has scheduled a New York based event for October 29th, where it will reportedly release not one but several new Nexus handsets as well as tablets.

Source: Android Police

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