Microsoft launches Xbox Music

Microsoft launches Xbox Music
The new music streaming service from Microsoft will first make its appearance on Xbox 360 on the 16th of October, but Windows 8 PC and tablet users will be able to join soon after - starting from October 26th. In addition to that, the Xbox Music service will encompass the upcoming Windows Phone 8 smartphones, while Microsoft has also stated that it will be bringing the service to other mobile platforms in 2013.

Xbox Music
Xbox music will come preinstalled on all Windows 8 PC's and tablets, where there user will have access to the ads-supported free version of the service. Windows Phone 8 users, on the other hand, will need to become paid subscribers in order to gain access to the streaming service.

On Xbox 360 the service replaces Zune, but existing subscribers needn't worry as their passes are still valid, and can now be used to access Xbox Music. If you decide to opt in after the free 30-day trial, the Xbox Music Pass for £8.99 a month will also grant you access to offline listening and ''tens of thousands'' of music videos on the Xbox 360.

Xbox Music offers similar streaming options to the highly popular Spotify or Pandora music services, and Microsoft promises additional features coming next year like "scan-and-match" with the ability to upload personal music to the cloud.


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