Xbox SmartGlass app released for Android

Xbox SmartGlass app released for Android
Last week we've already reported that SmartGlass is bound to be released on all major mobile platforms. It seems Microsoft decided to go ahead with its promising 'second-screen' app somewhat earlier than expected, as it's available now in Google Play store for smartphones running on Android 4.0 or newer.

The idea behind Xbox SmartGlass is elegantly simple. With this app, your mobile device effectively becomes a natural extension of your Xbox 360 gaming console. You can navigate Xbox 360 dashboard, control multimedia playback, browse the web via Internet Explorer or type Bing search queries - all that, from the comfort of your phone's (or tablet's) touchscreen.
Xbox SmartGlass on your TV

The app isn't limited to acting as a remote control either, as you can also use it to access additional features in certain Xbox 360 games or movies. For example, in the recently released Forza Horizon you can view a GPS map on your phone. Likewise, when watching an episode of Game of Thrones, an interactive map of Westeros would show the location of depicted events. While this area of SmartGlass is still in early development stages, the premise of closer integration between a console and phone is extremely promising, and Microsoft says that more SmartGlass-enabled content is coming in the near future.
SmartGlass - get started

You will need to make sure that you're logged in both on your console and phone with the same account. Also make sure that your Xbox 360 is running the latest firmware, and that SmartGlass functionality is enabled in 'Remote Devices' section in the console's settings. We've installed Xbox SmartGlass on our Motorola RAZR i without running into any issues, but the absence of Xbox 360 in our office (boo!) meant that we sadly couldn't test the remote functionality of the app.
SmartGlass running on Motorola Razr I

As we mentioned, the app is now available in Google Play store for Android handsets running Android 4.0 or later. It has also landed for current Windows Phone 7 handsets, and, since this is a Microsoft developed app, you can expect an even greater focus on SmartGlass features in the upcoming Windows Phone 8 handsets.
Motorola Razr I running SmartGlass
A quick heads-up: Windows Phone 8's launch event is kicking off today, at 10:00 am Pacific Time in San Francisco (5:00 pm in UK), and you can watch the live webcast of the event here.


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