4G in Britain: What You Need To Know

4G in Britain: What You Need To Know
The future of mobile networks is now much closer than ever for Britain. Everything Everywhere (EE), the parent company of Orange and T-Mobile, is set to launch UK’s first 4G mobile network.

Dubbed 4GEE, the brand new network will initially launch in 10 cities, including London, Birmingham, Bristol and Cardiff, but residents in 6 additional cities can expect to have 4G coverage by the end of this year. If you happen to live in any of the cities that are listed on EE's website, all that’s left is to get a 4G SIM card, 4GEE plan on EE and a 4G compatible phone. According to EE, all eligible Orange and T-Mobile customers will be able to seamlessly transfer to the new 4G network when it becomes available.

This only leaves the task of choosing and acquiring a handset that supports 4G mobile networks. Among the first 4G compatible phones to start selling in UK is Apple's iPhone 5, but many more devices are already on the horizon. What this means is that there will be no shortage of choices for the consumers eager to dive into digital future as early as possible.

The fourth generation of mobile networks, 4G, was built specifically to handle the rapidly growing demand for Internet on mobile devices. It promises up to five times faster download speeds in comparison to current 3G networks, which in practice means you'll be able to browse content rich websites, enjoy advanced multiplayer games or stream high-definition movies to your phone or a tablet without any hiccups.

Imagine if somebody has suddenly built several extra free lanes to the road you use to travel to work every day. Congestion is one of the main issues 4G mobile technology is aiming to address while also maintaining speed that can easily rival a home broadband connection.

But it's not just about spending less time on waiting and more on the things that truly matter that make 4G so appealing. The underlying technology of 4G also makes mobile networks extremely efficient at travelling over great distances, which should prove invaluable in providing rural areas of the country with high-speed Internet access.

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