24/04/2015 11:01:22
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HTC Desire 620 - Get the Edge

After focusing on flagship models for some time, HTC decided to turn its attention to the mid-range segment and release a brand new device called Desire 620. Their new device introduces a couple of innovations and marks a noticeable improvement over Desire 610. Let’s take a closer look!read more...

17/04/2015 15:56:01
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BlackBerry Classic – Rebirth of an Icon

Today's review takes us back to the good old days when phones were so diverse and packed to the brim with distinguishing features, you were hard pressed to make a choice. BlackBerry was one of those manufacturers that refused to go with the flow. Instead of following global trends, RIM was on a mission to set their own. And they succeeded in part because we distinctly remember seeing everyone glued to their BlackBerry, typing away on BlackBerry messenger. Back in the day BlackBerry messenger was huge. So huge in fact that it could give Viber and WhatsApp a run for their money. As a result every time we pick up a BlackBerry, a huge smile appears on our face which is exactly what we expected from their latest more...

10/04/2015 11:13:18
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Samsung Galaxy A3 – Rediscover the Galaxy

For many years, Samsung smartphones have been made using high grade polycarbonate, and while that might have sufficed in the past, today we see a different story unfold. We’ve entered an era in which manufacturers scramble for new materials and go all out in design departments. As a result, more and more smartphones emerge flaunting some kind of metal on the surface. Not long ago, Samsung stepped in the right direction with Galaxy Alpha and Note 4, both sporting rigid metal frames but sticking to proven polycarbonate on other surfaces. By releasing Galaxy A3, Samsung turns a new page in its design department and faces titans of the industry more...

02/04/2015 14:48:34
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Sony Xperia T3 LTE Beauty in Every Detail

Obsessed by model-like thinness, Sony had one of its phones placed on a strict diet. The result? A smartphone that is just 7 millimeters thick. The good news doesn’t stop there. Sony decided to place Xperia T3 in the midrange segment so you can enjoy all of that slimness without breaking the bank. This coupled to the fact that it contains pretty capable internals should make it a great all-rounder. Let’s take a closer look!read more...