16/08/2012 12:04:06
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Neon Nights - Sony Xperia U review – Part 1

While many manufacturers simply resort to stripping down extra features, Sony has taken a slightly different and more daring route when building its entry-level smartphone. The result is the most affordable Sony NXT series phone that feels and looks like a flagship in its own right. With that in mind, can Xperia U become the next best-seller for Sony?read more...

07/08/2012 12:16:02
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Samsung Galaxy SIII - The Next Big Thing? - part 2

Hello and welcome! In the first half of our review of Samsung Galaxy SIII we talked about its design, ergonomics and just how much we were impressed with its glorious high-resolution display. But the journey is only half-complete as we take on the conclusive part of our review where we take a closer look at what makes or breaks a good smartphone - the more...

01/08/2012 12:07:27
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Samsung Galaxy SIII - The Next Big Thing? - part 1

After what seemed like a lifetime of speculation about the specs, ever-present hype and record-breaking number of preorders, the beast was finally unleashed. An impressive 10 million is what Samsung reports the sales of Galaxy SIII have reached since its launch less than 2 months ago. So what makes Samsung Galaxy SIII so remarkable to be able to skyrocket to the top of the highly competitive and crowded Android market?read more...