04/08/2017 12:00:00
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Doro Liberto 820 - Small Size - Big Heart

Doro isn't your typical smartphone company. Instead of following everyone else, they decided to focus on a niche market within the smartphone industry consisting of elderly people and those in need of better accessibility features. Such phones might sound trivial, but to those who really need them they represent a window into the world of technology that would otherwise be inaccessible. On review today is Doro Liberto 820 sporting the company’s well-known assistance button and numerous other accessibility features. Let’s dive in and see what awaits!read more...

01/08/2017 13:44:35
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Doro 8030 – Smartphones Made Easy

One thing we all share is our unconditional love for smartphones. What’s peculiar about smartphones is that they are universally accepted by all generations which cannot be said for a lot of gadgets on the market. Naturally, the age group that has the most difficult time catching up with technology are the seniors. Technology moves at such a blistering rate that sometimes even we find it difficult to adjust to new products. In order to make technology just a little bit more accessible to the seniors, Doro created a new smartphone with heavy focus on more...