13/12/2013 16:08:30
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Nokia Lumia 925 – WP8 in a leaner and meaner package

Seven months after Nokia released the Lumia 920, a successor in the form of Lumia 925 emerged. We’ve reviewed the Lumia 920 and found it to be a descent Windows 8 device, but for a premium price, users simply wanted more.  Looking at the spec sheet, Nokia made a few changes, but nothing radical. A lot of the hardware stayed the same, while other things were tweaked. As we’ve seen many times before, specs alone don’t tell the whole story so let’s take a look whether Nokia has managed to improve the overall experience with Lumia 920. read more...

06/12/2013 15:17:52
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Samsung Galaxy Fame – Style on a Budget

The smartphone market is a very difficult place to fathom. So many devices offer similar features at a similar price, that users can get confused easily. Among a plethora of mid-range and high-end devices, Samsung didn’t forget the low-end more...