Top 5 Handsets in 2015

Top 5 Handsets in 2015
With 2015 almost over, it's time to look at the best devices showcased over its course. There is simply no denying that 2015 was a spectacular year for both manufacturers and consumers. We witnessed breath-taking designs alongside ground-breaking hardware, all in a timeframe that seemed to just fly by. One year is not a lot of time, however each year manufacturers push the boundaries of what can be done in such a short period and we end up with cutting edge features. Let’s take a closer look!


he first smartphone on our list is Samsung’s Galaxy S6. Even though the entire Galaxy series is special, flagship models stole the spotlight this year. Ditching polycarbonate in favour of premium metals, Samsung managed to create an elegant powerhouse ready for anything you muster up. It is no wonder then that smartphone users around the world went crazy after Samsung showcased it. Other features were revamped and tweaked as well to make this smartphone the best piece of tech leaving their factory gates.

iPhone 6s

Apple had a great year too, updating the iPhone 6 with an “S” version. Although many expected only minor changes, Apple surprised everyone by overhauling nearly everything. Only the design has been left intact while everything else received a significant boost. New features such as 3D touch and Live Photos completely transformed the user experience, making iPhone 6s more than a mere facelift. Thanks to more powerful internals everything runs silky smooth and iPhone 6s is certainly a worthwhile upgrade.

Note 4

Not long ago we considered phablets to be unwieldy pieces of tech no one really cared to use. Samsung changed that by introducing the Note series containing an S pen and oodles of other cool features. Soon, Galaxy Note became the must-have device for anyone doing any kind of work on the go. Powerful internals combined with a huge screen resulted in unobstructed work significantly increasing productivity. Note 4 takes that recipe and refines it further to earn a spot on our list.


Back when LG G2 was released, its excellence took us by surprise. The spec sheet hinted that it might be a great smartphone, but specs don’t always tell the whole story. Why was it so successful then? Its success stems from the fact that it was a finely tuned device balancing out all the ingredients. Not a single component got overshadowed by another and everything worked in perfect harmony. When things come together in such a way, success is imminent. LG G4 uses precisely the same recipe with the addition of some leather and cool tech such as laser camera focus.

Xperia Z5

Sony Xperia Z5 earns a spot on our list because it manages to maintain tradition while continually innovating almost every single component. Despite seeing rounded-out devices like iPhone 6s and Galaxy S6 gain popularity, designers at Sony won’t budge on their design. Z5 still comes with the signature rectangular OmniBalance design in defiance of trends towards something more ergonomic. Nonetheless, the new flagship from Sony is spectacular in every way imaginable.

Bound only by imagination and in some cases budget, smartphone manufacturers have managed to create true marvels of modern technology is such a short time. Unlike last year’s health craze, this year brought on a lot of features suited for everyone, not just for those looking to stay in shape. We hope you enjoyed this year as much as we did and we look forward to bringing you more reviews next year!


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