26/02/2015 11:15:15
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Nokia Lumia 830 - A Legend Is Born

If we have learned anything over the past few years, it is that the smartphone world is restless in its constant evolution. Take a break and you are likely to miss an update or two. Take a day off and you will miss a smartphone release. Take a vacation and whole companies are bound to change hands. Microsoft who is by the way the new owner of Nokia, announced that it will no longer be manufacturing devices under Nokia’s brand. Like you, we were a bit stunned in the beginning wondering why such a move is being made. After all, Nokia has a long tradition and is highly praised for making some of the greatest mobile phones history has seen. Nonetheless, we have to contend with that decision and hope one day the brand makes a comeback. Fortunately one of their last devices is with us on review today and we are looking forward to giving you a closer look at more...

20/02/2015 17:32:45
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Samsung Galaxy A3 - Rediscover the Galaxy

For many years, Samsung smartphones have been made using high grade polycarbonate, and while that might have sufficed in the past, today we see a different story unfold. We’ve entered an era in which manufacturers scramble for new materials and go all out in design departments. As a result, more and more smartphones emerge flaunting some kind of metal on the surface. Not long ago, Samsung stepped in the right direction with Galaxy Alpha and Note 4, both sporting rigid metal frames but sticking to proven polycarbonate on other surfaces. By releasing Galaxy A3, Samsung turns a new page in its design department and faces titans of the industry more...

13/02/2015 12:48:36
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HTC Desire 310 - Redefining Smartphone Value

Entry-level and mid-range devices are usually responsible for higher volume sales and Desire 310 is the birth child of a new strategy to bring HTC closer to users. Featuring fluid multitasking, very capable internals and captivating applications enabling you to create mini films from your own videos and photos, it marks a new era for HTC’s entry-level lineup. Keep on reading to find out more...

06/02/2015 12:08:32
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Kazam Trooper X5.5 - A Fresh Approach to Budget Smartphones

Kazam is a British startup created by two former HTC executives on a mission to deliver affordable, quality smartphones that you simply cannot ignore. Their Trooper range represents a pinnacle of affordability by combining reasonable internals, sound build quality and dual-SIM capability. There aren’t many phones out there sporting such credentials, so we didn’t waste any time putting their largest model to the test. We were excited to see what kind of experience Trooper X5.5 delivers for a tiny amount of money it’s asking in return. Let’s dig deeper and find more...