23/02/2016 15:24:33
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Samsung Galaxy S7 – Streamlined Perfection

Mobile World Congress is one of the most anticipated events on our calendar. Year after year we keep getting excited about cutting edge technology and MWC delivers an inexhaustible torrent of gadgets to prod at. Expectedly the spotlight was stolen by upcoming flagships, among them Samsung’s Galaxy more...

11/02/2016 16:28:31
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Google Drive - A Safe Place for All Your Files

Cloud-based file syncing and storage services have sprung up like mushrooms over the past couple of years. Thanks to ultrabooks and bigger smartphones, more work is being done on the go and for those with access to mobile internet, sharing files among different devices isn’t an issue any longer.

05/02/2016 15:37:38
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OfficeSuite Pro – Productivity Reinvented

The best part about having a large phone such as Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is that a lot of work can be done on the go. Whether you work with spreadsheets or word processing, having a large screen makes everything much easier, however the device you’re using is only one side of the more...