24/06/2016 13:52:20
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Sony Xperia X - One Step Ahead

Instead of launching the next generation of Z series smartphones, Sony surprised everyone by showcasing a whole new smartphone range. The new X range has a lot in common with Z series smartphones, but in terms of specs it comes in just below current flagships, which is an interesting move by Sony. It’s still unclear whether they are trying to carve up a new segment within flagships or battle on their own terms, but one way or another, Xperia X deserves our more...

17/06/2016 08:59:28
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LG K4 - Impressing On Every Occasion

While it does take a lot of skill and engineering to create the next best flagship, developing budget phones is far from easy. Budget constraints put a lot of pressure on engineers while perfectly balancing out hardware components is something very few companies manage. LG’s latest K4 smartphone looks like a promising way to enter the smartphone world so let’s find out whether it makes us smile!read more...

09/06/2016 12:05:24
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Sony Xperia Z3+ - Life Without Compromise

Sony’s biannual flagship launch was a curious strategy to keep users interested in the latest tech. On some levels it made sense because users that have been holding on to their phones a couple of years want the latest tech when they are ready to buy. Most likely they won’t wait around until the next flagship comes, thus Sony’s idea of always having the newest smartphone sound reasonable. On the other hand, many were wondering whether technology is able to offer something new in such a short time span. Is Xperia Z3+ a worthwhile upgrade? Let’s take a closer look!read more...

03/06/2016 09:46:50
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LG K8 - Inspiring Greatness

This year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was teeming with exciting smartphones, but instead of spending all our time playing with flagships, we had to see what else is coming to our shores. An interesting device we spotted comes from LG’s K-series, and looks to be a good balance between price and more...