26/11/2013 17:29:24
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Motorola Moto G – A budget device like never before

After a longer brake from the world stage, Motorola is finally back. And this time they are back with a bang. Their new device, the Moto G, caused a big stir since it boasts an affordable price tag combined with remarkable more...

21/11/2013 16:08:54
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Sony Xperia Z Ultra – Big screen. Big entertainment.

Stop and think for a minute about smartphones of today. Just a few years ago, we were struggling to browse the web or find an interesting app or game. Today, we are literally consumed by them. And why has that happened? Simple; smartphones have been pushing boundaries in every possible way. Latest device pushing those boundaries is Sony Xperia Z Ultra. With a huge display and incredibly powerful processor, is it the phablet you are looking for?read more...

08/11/2013 13:47:00
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Sony Xperia T – Style and power merged into one

This year, Sony released a number of similar devices by design and specifications. We were used to seeing this type of thing in the lower market segment, but as time goes by, we see a similar pattern emerge in the higher end. So in the spring of last year, Sony released the 4.3 inch Xperia S, a well built and reasonably priced device that went on to achieve great success. Few months later, Sony released Xperia Ion with similar specifications, but a slightly larger 4.6 inch screen. Shortly afterwards Sony released a third device, the Xperia T, which really surprised more...

01/11/2013 12:53:54
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Samsung Galaxy Young – Good Looking, Practical and Inexpensive

In today’s world we are obsessed with benchmarks, screen quality, features, etc. So much so, that we seldom stop and take a look at the low-end market. The other day we were thinking what would be an adequate buy for one of our grannies. You certainly wouldn’t buy a Galaxy S4 because there is simply no point. Most grandmothers won’t get around to even a third of options budget phones offer, let alone something more more...