30/10/2015 15:38:36
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Sony Xperia Z5 - A Master of Speed and Accuracy

On one hand you have consumers that are akin to the brand while on the other side you are losing out on individuals thirsty for cutting edge design and technology. Stuck between the two, Sony opted to stick with tradition when releasing their latest flagship. As a result, Xperia Z5 shares its visual identity and some of the hardware with its predecessors. Seeing that previous Xperias were excellent phones, sharing few components shouldn’t be a setback in any way. Let’s take a closer look!read more...

23/10/2015 10:26:57
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Samsung Galaxy J5 – Smartness Beyond Belief

Buying a budget phone in the past usually resulted in a lot of frustration. Thankfully we have moved on to an era in which budget phones are becoming flagship smooth. One such device is Samsung’s latest budget smartphone, the Galaxy J5. Some of you might recall that the first J series smartphone was mediocre at best, however this time around Samsung wanted to make sure the new device gets remembered. Cramming all the best components you can get on a budget, engineers set out to create a revolutionary smartphone.

09/10/2015 11:50:30
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Apple iPhone 6s Plus - Unforgettable Performance

Each time you start watching something on a wonderfully large screen, thoughts of lugging a huge piece of tech disappear instantly. Working on something with a larger screen is infinitely more practical. That is why we were excited to get our hands on Apple’s latest iPhone 6s Plus which combines a big screen with the superb iOS more...