14/10/2016 13:12:05
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Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) - Powerfully Elegant

Budget smartphones have changed so much over the past year, it's quite difficult to recognize one by simply looking at it. That is great news for everyone not looking to spend a fortune on a new phone. Even though we are fairly confident that most people would love any of the new flagships on the market, parting with such a large amount of money isn’t easy. And why should you, if you aren’t a power user? What if you just want a phone that looks good, performs decently, and doesn’t require a second mortgage to get? Well, Samsung just might have the right answer with its latest Galaxy J5 (2016)!read more...

07/10/2016 13:10:53
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Apple iPhone 7 Plus - The Most Advanced iPhone Ever

With smartphone size concerns becoming a thing of the past, Apple’s Plus model became an instant success when it first hit the market. Phablets might not be the most practical thing in the world in terms of size, but they vastly increase productivity and fun factor. Undisputable is the fact that watching movies and playing games is hugely more pleasing on a bigger screen, so it makes sense for companies to push for larger screens over time. There is a limit however of how big the screen can be before we sacrifice all portability. Those seeking middle ground can opt for Apple’s latest iPhone 7 Plus and its numerous improvements over the standard-sized iPhone more...

28/09/2016 11:00:36
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Apple iPhone 7 - Unrivalled Elegance

Apple has always played a huge role in the smartphone industry. For starters, it has a proprietary ecosystem which contrasts significantly from Android. While Android is very open about changes to its user interface by various companies, Apple delivers a homogeneous experience across its product range. Whether you’re using an older iPhone 4 or the latest iPhone 7, you can expect a similar level of smoothness in the interface. At the same time, your experience on Android hinges on how well a certain company optimizes a particular version of Android to run on its more...

21/07/2016 11:28:48
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Sony Xperia XA - Destined For Fame

One thing we’ve noticed lately is that all the big players are focusing on flagships, mostly because flagships demonstrate the company’s prowess in developing cutting-edge technology. The obsession with flagships leaves a tiny gap for Sony to create something wonderful for those not interested in spending their vacation money on a smartphone!read more...

15/07/2016 10:29:36
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TomTom GO - Navigation You Can Rely On

Finding your way around town isn't as complicated as it used to be thanks to our trusted smartphones. As is the case with most aspects of our lives, smartphones have made navigating from one place to another incredibly more...

08/07/2016 11:16:57
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Doro 6030 - Simplicity at its finest

Feature phones have always provided a reliable and inexpensive communication platform for the masses, so we can’t imagine anyone out there dislikes them. At one point or another in our lives, we’ve all come in contact with a simple phone like the one we are testing today. Doro 6030 is the epithet for value when it comes to communication. Costing less than most restaurant dinners and sporting legendary clamshell design, it’s as endearing as feature phones get. Without further ado, let’s jump into the more...

01/07/2016 15:33:39
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Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) - Plain Elegance

Cutting edge features are great and all, however very few people want to spend such a large amount of money on a single gadget. Don’t worry though because Samsung has a solution for you in the shape of Galaxy J3 (2016). The most recent entry to Samsung’s budget roster, J3 (2016) is infused with premium DNA and other nifty features like AMOLED screen. Let’s take a closer look!read more...

24/06/2016 13:52:20
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Sony Xperia X - One Step Ahead

Instead of launching the next generation of Z series smartphones, Sony surprised everyone by showcasing a whole new smartphone range. The new X range has a lot in common with Z series smartphones, but in terms of specs it comes in just below current flagships, which is an interesting move by Sony. It’s still unclear whether they are trying to carve up a new segment within flagships or battle on their own terms, but one way or another, Xperia X deserves our more...

17/06/2016 08:59:28
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LG K4 - Impressing On Every Occasion

While it does take a lot of skill and engineering to create the next best flagship, developing budget phones is far from easy. Budget constraints put a lot of pressure on engineers while perfectly balancing out hardware components is something very few companies manage. LG’s latest K4 smartphone looks like a promising way to enter the smartphone world so let’s find out whether it makes us smile!read more...

09/06/2016 12:05:24
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Sony Xperia Z3+ - Life Without Compromise

Sony’s biannual flagship launch was a curious strategy to keep users interested in the latest tech. On some levels it made sense because users that have been holding on to their phones a couple of years want the latest tech when they are ready to buy. Most likely they won’t wait around until the next flagship comes, thus Sony’s idea of always having the newest smartphone sound reasonable. On the other hand, many were wondering whether technology is able to offer something new in such a short time span. Is Xperia Z3+ a worthwhile upgrade? Let’s take a closer look!read more...

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