10/12/2015 10:44:50
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ZTE Blade C320 - Affordable Performance

The world of entry level smartphones is an exciting place in 2015. Thanks to continuous technological progress, better components have made their way into budget handsets much improving the overall experience. Just a few years ago budget phones lacked even basic features, yet today we have numerous well-rounded devices capable of satisfying even moderate users. Shopping on a budget limits one’s choice, so research is a crucial step in the quest for a new device. To help you save some time, we reviewed a budget smartphone called ZTE Blade C320. Let’s take a closer look!read more...

04/12/2015 11:11:13
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HTC Desire 626 - Massive Entertainment

As technological progression continues, more and more exciting devices arrive on our shores. Not long ago, mid-range smartphones used to be underpowered and bland, yet nowadays they pack plenty of punch and some truly fascinating features. Creating the perfect mid-range device isn’t easy because manufacturers have to balance price against features. Many consider it to be an elusive quest, but manufacturers aren’t about to give up. Desire 626 is HTC’s latest balancing act with plenty of interesting features to explore. Let’s take a closer look!read more...

20/11/2015 12:14:46
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Microsoft Lumia 435 - Never compromise

The world of smartphones revolves around 4k screens, octa-core processors and more memory than your mind can fathom, but what about users just moving into the smartphone world? For those that are just transitioning away from feature phones, a cheap smartphone is the best way to move up. Once you get the hang of all the features, buying something more powerful is easy as pie. One such smartphone was showcased by Microsoft earlier this year and we have it on review today. Let’s take a closer look!read more...

12/11/2015 11:09:34
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Sony Xperia Z5 Compact - Your Perfect Sidekick

Even though there aren’t any flagships with a physical keyboard, there are still some that don’t follow the same “bigger screen, bigger everything” recipe. Sony for example recently showcased a device called Z5 Compact, a throwback to the olden times when you could actually fit a smartphone comfortably in your pocket. Let’s take a closer look!read more...

06/11/2015 11:37:12
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Sony Xperia C4 - A Multirole Master

There is simply no denying it, as a society we love to take selfies and smartphone manufacturers aren't holding out on the opportunity to sell us a related product. As such, we have seen a plethora of selfie focused smartphones, the latest being Sony Xperia. A quick glimpse at C4's spec sheet reveals that it oozes with potential so let’s dig deep and find out whether it's any good!read more...

30/10/2015 15:38:36
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Sony Xperia Z5 - A Master of Speed and Accuracy

On one hand you have consumers that are akin to the brand while on the other side you are losing out on individuals thirsty for cutting edge design and technology. Stuck between the two, Sony opted to stick with tradition when releasing their latest flagship. As a result, Xperia Z5 shares its visual identity and some of the hardware with its predecessors. Seeing that previous Xperias were excellent phones, sharing few components shouldn’t be a setback in any way. Let’s take a closer look!read more...

23/10/2015 10:26:57
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Samsung Galaxy J5 – Smartness Beyond Belief

Buying a budget phone in the past usually resulted in a lot of frustration. Thankfully we have moved on to an era in which budget phones are becoming flagship smooth. One such device is Samsung’s latest budget smartphone, the Galaxy J5. Some of you might recall that the first J series smartphone was mediocre at best, however this time around Samsung wanted to make sure the new device gets remembered. Cramming all the best components you can get on a budget, engineers set out to create a revolutionary smartphone.

09/10/2015 11:50:30
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Apple iPhone 6s Plus - Unforgettable Performance

Each time you start watching something on a wonderfully large screen, thoughts of lugging a huge piece of tech disappear instantly. Working on something with a larger screen is infinitely more practical. That is why we were excited to get our hands on Apple’s latest iPhone 6s Plus which combines a big screen with the superb iOS more...

28/09/2015 15:40:25
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iPhone 6s - It Changes Everything

This time of year we usually get excited about Apple’s new products. Their annual smartphone release has almost become a tradition, eagerly anticipated by millions of users across the globe. Many of you are familiar with Apple’s strategy of releasing a totally new product every year and this year we get an improved version with tons of new features. Apple’s engineers got side-tracked and gave the new iPhone 6s an almost new identity, prompting their CEO to say that “The only thing that’s changed is everything”. Without further ado, let’s jump in and discover!read more...

17/09/2015 16:31:39
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SmartThings Starter Kit - The Smartest Choice

Not long ago smarthomes were products of imagination portrayed by sci-fi movies, yet today we have a number of ready-to-go automation solutions at very affordable prices. Choosing the right solution however might be tricky because it all boils down to budget and computer savviness. After some research, we stumbled upon Samsung's SmartThings Starter Kit, a reasonably priced and very convenient home automation package so we decided to take a closer more...

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