11/09/2015 11:11:35
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ The Edge of Innovation

Designers were at a crossroad as drastic measures had to be taken in order to change the visual identity. Most of you know what happened next, but for those of you that don’t, Samsung released the two best looking phones they ever made; Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.  Shortly afterwards we received the third iteration in the form of S6 Edge+ sporting a slightly larger screen and some additional more...

26/06/2015 11:42:55
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Microsoft Lumia 535 - Beautiful - Inside and out

Making smartphones isn't easy and no one knows that better than Microsoft. Some time ago, Microsoft set its targets on conquering the smartphone world with a product line called Kin. Unfortunately it was launched just as the battle between iOS and Android was heating up, so not many users paid attention. Kin had some strong points such as ease of use, but Androids and iPhones of the day offered so much more, not to mention design which was totally overlooked by Microsoft. Lesson learned, Microsoft went on to acquire Nokia in attempts not to make the same mistake twice. How is that reflected in their latest products? Well let’s take a look!read more...

19/06/2015 10:53:35
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Dropbox - Never Lose a File Again

Cloud storage has made our lives infinitely easier, ever since we first gained access to free services such as Dropbox. Dropbox has been around for some time now, gaining a reputation as one of the simplest and most hassle-free solutions more...

12/06/2015 11:03:56
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LG G4 - Beyond Brilliance

When LG launched G2 couple of years back, it put the company on everyone’s flagship radar and it has remained there ever since. G2 was a spectacular device, capturing our hearts and souls the minute we laid our hands on it. It set a new direction for LG, paving the path to success and giving us a smartphone we’ve been yearning for. Building on the knowledge and experience of previous flagships, LG recently showcased their latest model, the G4. Keep on reading to find out whether it was worth the wait!read more...

05/06/2015 15:23:46
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Sony Xperia M4 Aqua - Engineered for Perfection

Waterproofing on smartphones certainly isn't new, but it is a feature usually reserved for flagships and phones built with a specific purpose. Seldom do we see waterproofing somewhere down the food chain, so we were pleasantly surprised when Sony announced Xperia M4 Aqua. Were weren’t surprised by the waterproofing bit. No, we were surprised by the jazzed up spec sheet coupled to a wallet-friendly price. Keep on reading to find out whether it sinks or swims in our tests!read more...

22/05/2015 15:13:56
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Sony Xperia E4 - Instant Entertainment

Sony has a bi-annual launch strategy, it was time for something new. Strap on your seatbelts and hop on for a quick ride with Sony’s latest midrange phone, the almighty Xperia E4!read more...

15/05/2015 14:55:45
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Microsoft Lumia 640 - Achieve more

Since the merger of Nokia with Microsoft, we were watching from the sidelines, trying to figure out whether any kind of transformation is going to take place. Most of us here loved Nokia smartphones for what they were; simple, durable and affordable pieces of tech you could rely on day-in and day-out. Microsoft is a gigantic company with an almost unlimited amount of resources, so keeping Nokia’s legendary Lumia range innovative should be as easy as pie. In that spirit, we took out a couple of days from our busy schedules to put Lumia 640 through its paces and determine whether it kept all the strong points that made Lumias great in the first place. Read on to find out more!read more...

08/05/2015 12:51:03
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Google Nexus 6 - More of Everything

What is a phablet anyways? Why would you need something that is not a phone, but not a tablet either? Well after some serious market research, tech giants determined that there is indeed a need for something in-between. Something with better mobility than a tablet, but with similar screen real-estate. And that is exactly how we ended up with phablets. To prove our point of how significant they’ve become, on review today we have Google’s Nexus 6, the latest device to join the phablet crowd. Let’s hop in and find out how it performs!read more...

01/05/2015 14:41:41
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HTC Desire 820 – More of Everything

HTC has been hard at work releasing new models in an attempt to climb to the top. Last year we were absolutely peppered with their products to the point that we had to go back and check if we missed any of them. Nonetheless, we are always excited to see new products leave the door and fall onto our desk for an in-depth review. Well on our desk today is HTC’s mid-range flagship, the Desire 820. It comes as a successor to Desire 816 bringing some major improvements like a 64-bit processor and an upgraded camera setup. Whether it’s worth your hard earned cash, stick around to find out!read more...

24/04/2015 11:01:22
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HTC Desire 620 - Get the Edge

After focusing on flagship models for some time, HTC decided to turn its attention to the mid-range segment and release a brand new device called Desire 620. Their new device introduces a couple of innovations and marks a noticeable improvement over Desire 610. Let’s take a closer look!read more...

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