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We’ve been the UK’s no.1 network seven years in a row and now we’re no.1 for 5G, too. You’re either on EE, or you have network envy. And that feeling’s only going to get stronger.


Enjoy BT Sport, Apple Music, Apple News+ and BritBox with up to six months of access for free – worth up to £200. And on some offers, we’ll even cover the data you use, so you don’t need to worry about denting your allowance.

Apple Music. Our treat to you free Apple music. Get six free months of Apple Music, plus whatever you stream the data's on us. Text MUSIC to 150.
Apple News+. Read all about it. Six free months of Apple News+. Get six free months when you join Apple News+ and enjoy more than 300 magazines and leading newspapers in one place. Text NEWSPLUS to 150 to get this offer.
BT Sport. Get three months of BT Sport app free with the data on us. Text SPORT to 150 to register for a BT ID. Then download the BT Sport app and get watching.
BritBox. Get six months of BritBox with the data on us. Stream the biggest box of British Boxsets. All part of Entertainment on EE.


Everything you need to experience the UK’s no.1 network for 5G & 4G.

5G Ready

We’ve got 5G in more places than any other network in the UK. So with an EE plan and a 5G phone, you’re ready for everything 5G can offer.

Data Gifting

Add your family to your account and dish out spare data to whoever you want.

Calls with Alexa

Use your Amazon Echo devices to make and receive calls on your EE pay monthly mobile plan.

Data Caps

You’ll never go over your data allowance by accident, so you’re always in control of your spending in the UK and abroad.

WiFi Calling

No coverage? No problem. Call and text wherever there is WiFi.

Data Boost

You can boost your EE pay monthly mobile plan data allowance by 5GB each month when you take EE Home Broadband.

Kids Usage

With My EE app you can also control how your kids use their phone for total piece of mind.

UK & Ireland call centres

Your calls are answered in the UK and Ireland, so it’s easy to get stuff sorted straight away.


UK’S NO.1 NETWORK 7 YEARS IN A ROW: Rankings based on the RootMetrics® UK RootScore® Report: From H2 2013 to H1 2020. NO.1 5G NETWORK: based on analysis of 5G speed, reliability, and availability data collected by RootMetrics in Jan-Jun 2020. Tested with best commercially available smartphones on 4 national mobile networks across all available network types. Your experiences may vary. The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of EE. Visit ROOTMETRICS.CO.UK for more details.

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