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Home Broadband

We are excited to be able to offer our customers broadband from EE. It has always been important to us to provide the best in connectivity to our mobile customers, so it was natural that broadband needed to be the same. EE offers an amazing UK broadband coverage and super fast 4G. At Fonehouse we are delighted to be able to offer home broadband and call packaged from EE.

EE Broadband

EE offers their customers reliable and super fast broadband, plus if required a home phone connection. Data boost is also offered to those customers who have an EE mobile phone contract, or for those looking to take a new contract. Data boost gives you an extra 5GB or 20GB of data for your mobile as a thanks for being a broadband customer. More details of this awesome offer are available on request.

Broadband customers with EE can also take advantage of a free Norton Security subscription. This is worth £70 and enables full access to the service for ten devices at the same time so the whole family can be covered.

If you are looking for unlimited broadband, then EE could be the best choice for you. There are no usage caps on any of the plans they offer so you can be online for as long as you like and not incur any extra charges. The price you pay when you take out the contract is guaranteed to remain the price you pay for the duration of the contract. No lower rates for the first six months then an unexpected hike, just a straightforward price, what you see is what you pay.

EE Smart Hub

New EE broadband subscribers will receive the new EE Smart Hub. This state of the art piece of kit ensures that you get access to the best connectivity all the time. Smart Hub has been designed for multiple device support so even in the busiest of homes with mobiles, laptops, tablets and PC’s all connected at the same time your connection will be great. Parental controls mean that children using the connection can be kept safe and usage limits can be imposed by parents if needed.

Introducing G.Fast

Another new feature from EE is G.Fast, which offers maximum speeds of 330Mb/s and a managed installation. While EE already boasted excellent speeds, this is even faster. Gamers, streamers, multi-access households and more will all benefit from this fantastic new package. G.Fast uses both the EE Smart Hub and an Openreach mode, which is why this is a managed installation service and an engineer will be sent to connect the service and show you how to get things started.

This is a new service, so there is not full UK roll-out yet; however, there are 46 locations already available with more being added. Simply check the coverage map or speak to one of our customer service team. EE broadband is already covering the UK, so even if you cannot yet access G.Fast, you can still take advantage of the already great speeds wherever you live.

Fibre Max Plans

Fibre Max 1 is a package that gives the customer average download speeds of 145Mb/s and average uploads speeds of 28Mb/s.

Fibre Max 2 is a package that gives the customer maximum download speeds of 300Mb/s and maximum upload speeds of 47Mb/s.

Standard broadband offers average speeds of 10Mb/s with a setup fee of £10

Fibre offers average speeds of 36Mb/s and an average upload speed of 9Mb/s, with a setup fee of £15.

Fibre Plus offers average speeds of 67Mb/s and an average upload speed of 18Mb/s, with no set up fee.

Home Phone Plans

Adding your home phone to an EE broadband package is also really simple. EE offers an easy to follow add-on tariff that offers plenty of flexibility. You can combine any of the home phone plans with any of the broadband options to make the best package for you.

If you are looking for any time calls to UK landlines, there is an add-on fee of £5 a month on top of your chosen broadband deal.

If you are looking for any time calls to UK landlines and mobiles (1500 minutes to UK mobiles allowance) there is a charge of £8 a month added on.

If you international calling requirements you can have included UK landline calls, 1500 minutes to UK mobiles allowance and inclusive calls in 50 countries with 30% of calls to landline in other countries for £12 per month making this a really flexible calling plan.

Call Plus Add-On

Along with really great calling plans, there are also extra benefits available in the form of Call Plus Add-on. This service is £5 a month and offers:

Anonymous Call Rejection which blocks calls from anyone withholding their number
Three-Way Calling, perfect for families and friends split over many localities
Call Diversion giving you the option to divert your number to another phone even when the phone is in use.
Choose to Refuse enables you to block up to 10 numbers that might be causing an issue.
Ring Back gives you the freedom to dial a number once, discover it is engaged and press 5, this will ring you back when the number is free to take your call.
Call waiting is a great feature that alerts you to the fact that another call is waiting and gives you the freedom to take it or remain with the original caller.
Reminder Call allows you to set up a reminder or schedule a regular alert for the same time every day to remind you to do something.

EE Broadband Deals at Fonehouse

Our team have worked hard to ensure that we can get the best EE broadband calls for all our customers. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about EE broadband, then please do get in touch. Our UK based customer service team is on hand to answer any queries you might have so give them a call on 0333 900 1133.

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