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  • 1 Month Plan - Cancel Anytime
  • Money Back for Unused Data
Smarty Sim Card

All the data you need for less

Check your coverage, powered by Three

Data discount plans

Get money back for unused data

All plans include

1 month plan, cancel anytime
Unlimited calls & text
Unrestricted tethering in the UK
No credit check
Fast 4G & 3G data
No speed caps

Why choose SMARTY?

Let's keep it simple

Commitment- free SIM plans

1 month plans. No contracts, no credit checks and no surprises at the end of the month. Cancel or change plans anytime. Pay in advance and enjoy the flexibility.

Add-ons that never expire

If you run out of data, add-ons are £1 per GB - the same as it costs on our Data discount plans. Buy them from your dashboard and keep them until you use every MB.

Truly unlimited calls & texts

To standard UK landlines and mobiles, and roaming within EU countries. Call and text your friends and family as much as you want. No catch.

Keep your number

Simply text 'PAC' to 65075 to get a code valid for 30 days. We’ll walk you through steps to enter this code to transfer the phone number you want to keep.

Data discount plans get money back for unused data at the end of every month.

The way it works is simple. The base cost of our data discount plans is £5, which covers unlimited standard calls, texts and running the network. The rest is simply for data. So we think it’s only fair to take the data you haven’t used and give you money back for it - at the same rate you bought it, £1 per GB. We even calculate using remaining MBs, not GBs.



  • uSwitch Award - Best Value SIM Only 2020
  • uSwitch Award - Best Value SIM Only 2019
  • uSwitch Award - Best PAYG Network 2019
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