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Connected Life.
Better Life.

Easily connect your existing smart devices to our network with V-SIM by Vodafone, removing the need for Bluetooth or WiFi.



by Vodafone

The V-Sim is no ordinary Sim card, it's the Sim card for your connected life. With the V-Sim you can connect any compatible device to the V by Vodafone network, which means that your devices stay connected even without Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Once you've bought your Sim you only pay a small monthly fee for connecting your device, and our V-Sim Price Promise means you can enjoy worry-free pricing, as we'll never charge you more than the agreed monthly price at home, or when you're in most European countries.

Your subscription doesn't start until you active the price plan in the V by Vodafone app, and because life can be unpredictable, you can even pause your subscription at any time if you wish to take a break.

Subject to Vodafone network and GPS signal. Avaliable to Vodafone and non-Vodafone customers.


plus £4.00 per month subscription

Vehicle trackers

Mictrack 3G MT500
Mictrack 4G MT600
Mictrack 3G MT510
Mictrack 4G MT500
Mictrack 3G MT510G
LESHP car tracker
XC Source GPS303 tracker


Clever Dog 3G Camera

Plugs & Alarms

Coming Soon

Other Trackers

TKStar TK-149 tracker
TKStar pet tracker
KK Moon T8S tracker
XC Source Secumore tracker
Mink00 / LangMao pet tracker

Download the Pod Trackers app

Be by their side even when you're note. Download the app to connect with the V-Pet Tracker Pod 3 using your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere - and unlock all of its amazing features.

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