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Be there for those you love

V-SOS Band by Vodafone lets your loved ones go about their day knowing you don't need to worry about them.


V-SOS Band

by Vodafone

Families want to be there for each other. That’s where V-SOS Band comes in. With its fall detection, SOS button and easy-to-use app, this sleek wristband will alert you and your family if they need help whether they are out and about, at home or even in the shower.

V-SOS Band lets your loved ones be independent and gives you the reassurance that when they need you most, you’ll be there.

*Frequency of location reporting is subject to GPS and Vodafone network coverage. Available to Vodafone and non-Vodafone customers. All falls are different, and not every fall may be detected.


plus £4.00 per month subscription


SOS Button

If the wearer is in need of help, all they need to do is push the band’s SOS button. This will send you and up to four family members an alert, showing their approximate location and what time the alert was triggered. The band will go into emergency mode and display a traffic light system indicating whether or not you have received the alert and if help is on the way.

Subject to Vodafone network coverage and GPS signal

Falls Alerts

V-SOS Band is designed to detect serious falls. To ensure the band is not overly sensitive in day to day life the fall alert is only triggered when a specific pattern of movement is detected; a heavy impact followed by 25 seconds of stillness. If a serious fall has been detected but the wearer makes any movement during these 25 seconds, the wearer must press the SOS button to activate the alert as the automatic alert will not be sent. If the fall alert is triggered, you and your other family members will receive an alert with the wearer’s approximate location.

Subject to Vodafone network and GPS coverage

Wear it anytime

With its subtle design, our V-SOS Band is made to fit seamlessly into everyday life. It comes in two colours – grey and blue so they can choose what suits them best. Plus, it’s water resistant (according to IP67 standards) so they can wear it in the shower too.

Easy to use app

Our V-SOS Band is supported by a simple to use app that is easily accessible by you and up to four additional people who are able to tailor their notification alerts. Also as the account holder you can have more than one V-SOS Band linked to your account.

Subject to Vodafone network and GPS coverage


GSM 900/1800 Bands

90 Minutes charing time
Li-ion Ploymer battery, 200 mAh capacity

Water Resistant
Rain/splash-proof (IP67)

Battery Life
Up to 1 month



Download the V-SOS Band by Vodafone app

Never be more than one tap away from your loved ones with the V-SOS Band app. Download from the App Store or Google Play Store to receive alerts from the band and stay connected.

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