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Best Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone Deals

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Samsung Deals and Handsets

Here at Fonehouse, we are one of the most extended standing mobile phone providers in the UK, and we are proud to supply our customers with the best in mobile phone deals. We will continue to strive to make sure we are able to continue to find the deals that bring you the top brands and best prices for years to come. We have a wide range of phones on our shelves waiting to make their way to you, and one of the top manufacturers in the UK is Samsung.

Samsung is giants of the mobile phone world and has made some groundbreaking advances when it comes to making Android smartphones. Their Galaxy series is, without doubt, one of the most desirable choices for customers all over the world, and with little surprise, as they are robust, well designed and at the cutting edge of technology. Every time a new phone is released from these excellent manufacturers you can guarantee a media storm and crowds of people waiting to see what has been released.

The Galaxy Note 9 is the latest flagship handset and is a pretty fantastic handset. Sold as being an office in a phone, they are confident that you will not need to carry a laptop or tablet if you use this handset for work. Such is the functionality and prowess of this amazing handset. It has 1TB of storage making it the largest on the market and the patented S-Pen has been overhauled to include Bluetooth and is now more powerful and useful than ever before. It is easy to see why people love their work.

Such is their reputation that even when there was a slight controversy in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the company managed to recover well and not lose face. They simply moved on and produced even more stunning examples of mobile phones that customer forgave them and life continued. With such offerings as the Samsung Galaxy S9, it is easy to see why, as this was another high-end phone that stole the imagination of many users. One of the great things about Samsung is the mange to produce technology that doesn’t age. So, while we know that some users will always be keen to get their handset on the latest phone, others will be delighted with a slightly older handset as it is more budget friendly and yet still totally feature packed.

The handsets are always beautifully designed and have stunning camera functionality. The specification of the phones is always really high, and this ensures that every new phone is going to be a hit from the very first day. There is just so much choice from the famed S8 and S8 Plus to many other mid-range handsets that come in on budget for many users. There are so many handsets that there really is something to suit all pockets and you will still be getting the best in Samsung technology every time.

Here at Fonehouse, we are super proud of the Samsung deals we are able to offer our customers. Our wonderful team work tirelessly to ensure that they are securing the best deals for you and are on hand to help you every step of the way. They are committed to ensuring that every customer can get the mobile phone deal they really want.

We took the decision to only partner with two of the network providers, simply because we want to be able to offer our customers the best. We believe that EE and Vodafone are the best in the UK and that is why we work exclusively with them. We know that finding the best handset deal is only one part of the mobile phone ownership process. For the next 24 months you are going to want your handset to be ready to perform when you need it, and rightly so. We know that both these network giants can offer the best in connectivity and coverage. So if you want to make a call, or use apps and email, your phone will be able to connect to the network with no issue at all no matter where you might be. It doesn’t matter if you live in the centre of the city of the heart of the countryside, connectivity matters.

Both of our excellent network providers also offer a myriad of extra gifts which is also something we love to be able to bring to our customers. From some of the best streaming services to the ability to roam in the EU for free, these awesome providers have it all. Details of their free gifts will be shown on the tariffs page, and you can have amazing things like access to BT Sport, Sky Sports, NowTV, Spotify and Amazon Prime Video which is incredible.

Not only that but when you look at the deals, you will see that many of them include no upfront cost which means you are getting the handset for free and do not need to spend any money upfront. Pretty cool we think. As if that wasn’t enough we have also managed to find a wide range of deals that come with cash back which means you get even more for even less. We really do like spoiling you, so this is just the icing on the cake.

Finally, we also have one more trick left up our sleeves. Once you have chosen your perfect Samsung phone and placed your order, we will swing into action and get your handset delivered the very next day. That’s right you can have your phone in your hands tomorrow, and with no charge, it is a free service.

If you think that you’ve found your ideal Samsung smartphone and deal to match, or if you'd like more information any of our Samsung handsets or Samsung pay monthly contracts, then feel free to call our fabulous customer service team today on 0333 900 1133 for all of the latest insider knowledge. They will listen to precisely what you’re looking for and undoubtedly find you an fantastic Samsung deal.

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