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Mobile Phone Deals With Free Gifts

Here at Fonehouse, we strive to offer our customers the best deals on a wide range of mobile phones. We understand that some of you will be looking for the latest flagship handsets while others will be taking advantage of the lower prices on offer from a mid range phone, or a high-end phone that is now a few years old. We believe that whatever handset you choose you should have the right to access the same amazing deals and free gifts, so we work hard to make sure these are available to everyone.

Handset Manufacturer Free Gifts

Sometimes we are able to offer a free gift from the manufacturer. This can vary but is a great way to get an even better deal. Free headphones or chargers, a free watch, it really depends on what handset and who made it, however, we are continually looking to see if we can unearth any great deal that includes these fantastic free gifts as we know how much our customers love a bargain. We totally agree that getting as much value for money as possible is the way to go which is why we work really hard on keeping tariffs as low as possible in order to really maximise your savings and help you grab your phone of choice at a price that your wallet will love.

Cashback Deals

Another free gift we are able to offer across every handset in stock is cash back. This amazing offer is designed to bring down the price of the monthly contract deal. Cashback works in one of two ways, there is automatic cash back where the network provider will apply the saving for you, or there is claimed cash back. If you have a contract mobile phone deal with claimed cashback, you will need to make sure you follow the instructions you are sent in order to get the reduction on your bill. Full instructions are sent so don’t worry it will all become clear as soon as you receive your handset. All of the cash back deals are clearly marked on the deals for each phone, and it will say whether it is automatic or not. This is another excellent way to get more for your money as the contact would typically cost you more per month if it weren’t for the free gift of cashback.

Network Free Gifts

We work exclusively with the two biggest network providers in the country, EE and Vodafone and we work hard with them to negotiate the best deals possible for our customers and can often have exclusive deals with them. One of the other things we have managed to negotiate is network gifts. Depending on which provider you choose a contract with, you will see that there are some great freebies to be had. With EE you will find there are some really generous roaming benefits on offer which is fantastic if you have to travel regularly and need to be able to make calls without going well over your monthly allowances.

The actual benefits you are offered vary from the ability to use your minutes, texts and data within EU countries to worldwide usage, but the offers are clearly marked on each deal so you can choose the one that works best for you depends on where in the world you spend your time. If you do not travel and would instead like to take advantage of one of their great streaming gifts, then you could choose either free access to BT Sports for three months or free access to Apple Music for six months if you are buying an iPhone. If you have the Apple Music free gift, you can also take advantage of the fact that EE will cover any data used for your music so that you do not eat into your data allowance when streaming music in this way.

If your best contact comes from Vodafone, you will also find a great range of free gifts on offer. Once more you can bag an amazing deal for those who travel regularly with work or for social ventures. One of their free gifts includes roaming in 48 countries and the other in 77 countries (lists of countries are available so you can decide which works best for you). For streaming fans, they also have some awesome streaming free gifts available. Their entertainment options include the choice of Sky Sports, NowTV, Spotify and Amazon Prime video, pick one and enjoy it on them for the full 24 month period of your new contract. Remember that streaming does use data if you are not connected to WiFi, however, this is still an amazing freebie that could save you loads of money and leave you free to binge on your favourite boxsets and films, listen to loads of tunes and never have to miss the match you love again because you do not happen to be near your television.

No Upfront Cost Handsets

To really offer our customers the best free gifts we also work hard to get as many deals as possible with no upfront cost on the handset. Even on the newest releases, the flagship phones for each manufacturer, we try and make sure there are plenty of mobile phone deals that have no upfront cost on the handset. Traditionally this has meant that you pay more on the monthly bill, which has put some people off, but we are working hard to make sure that the contract prices are still as low as possible and that this really is a free gift worth having. Our team is always hard at work looking for the best deals possible on every single handset we stock, and you will find no upfront cost options on all of them.

Free Gifts at Fonehouse

If you have any questions about any of the amazing pay monthly mobile phone deals, we offer then our UK based customer service team will be delighted to help you. They can be reached on 0333 900 1133.

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