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Google Deals and Handsets

Our ethos at Fonehouse is to provide our customers with choice. This means that we have worked hard to get the largest range of handset from lots of different manufacturers. A mobile phone fulfils a range of different needs for each person, which is why we believe that your handset needs to be as unique as you are. So having a wide choice and offering comprehensive reviews of each phone opens the door for you to find the perfect phone. Then you can pair that with one of our many pay monthly deals to create a package that suits you perfectly.

When it comes to Google, you might not immediately associate the company with mobile phones, but they actually have a history that spans over a decade in the world of mobile phone manufacturer. While you might be aware of the Pixel handset, you might not know that some of their earliest handset releases were actually branded as HTC. It was in 2006 after they paid $50 million to buy Android Inc that they started to manufacture mobile phones. They are certainly far more than just an internet search engine and after forays into the field with the Nexus range of phones which again you may not be aware belonged to Google, they seem to have cemented their places with the Pixel line up.

The first Pixel was released in 2016 and is heavily branded as a Google Pixel, leaving no doubt as to who owns it. Over time we would expect other names and ranges to be released and we will have a range of Google handsets from the latest release to the best of the older versions on our shelves for you to choose from as they are well built, technology packed handsets that have a lot to offer.

What you might have picked up earlier is that Google also remain the owners of Android Inc, and this is, of course, the Android operating system which is used all over the world, and purchased by many different mobile phone manufacturers with the obvious exception of Apple, Blackberry and Windows handsets who all run their own OS. This gives the company massive purchasing power, so when it comes to creating their own handsets, there is no shortage of companies that want to offer components to Google phones. When it comes to software, well, they have everything they need at their fingertips.

Google has also sensibly paid attention to the trends that customers have favoured and targeted their handsets to appeal accordingly. So the Google Pixel 3a is perfectly placed to become a mobile streaming handset, which means users can watch their favourite films and streaming services on the go, something which is currently very popular and not showing signs of fading. A good streaming phone has a great screen set up so the 6-inch infinity screen is perfect and the 1080 pixels by 2160 pixels resolution at a PPI of 402 pixels per inch just adds to the quality of the picture. It also has exceptional sound quality whether you want to listen via the speakers or use headphones. Modern phones are also popular when they offer a good photography performance, so Google has added a 12.2MP rear camera and 8MP selfie camera to make sure all bases are covered. You can be sure that any new releases are going to be just as mindful of user trends to keep them on top.

So, once you have picked your Google handset, then you need to find a pay monthly deal to go with it, and you will be amazed by the fantastic choice that we have on offer. We work exclusively with Vodafone, Talkmobile, and Three, and they make sure we have the best deals to offer you, plus they add amazing extras like cashback and free network gifts to really sweeten the deal.

We have chosen to work with these two network providers because we know that they have the best coverage when it comes to mobile signal and 4G access. We know how frustrating it can be to reach for your phone and find you cannot use it, so we are working hard to make sure that it is never an issue for you.

Once you are ready to pick a deal, you want to be looking at several features to make sure it meets your needs and comes in on budget, but perhaps the most important is the level of data offered. You use data when you are not connected to wifi and do things like reading emails, use apps and more. If you go over a data allowance, you will get some pretty unpleasant charges, so it is better to pick a plan that offers more data than you normally use in a month, so you have some spare if things pan out differently in any month. Now have a look at cashback options, no upfront cost and the network gifts on offer, and you will soon be able to find the perfect plan for you. Some of the cashback deals are automatic so you won’t need to do anything to claim them, others require you to make a claim, but we will give you details of what you need to do, and it really is nice and easy.

Once you have placed your order, our team get to work straight away, and the details are sent over to the warehouse where your phone will be sent to arrive with you the very next working day for no charge. This free service is offered on all phones and other items we have in stock, however, it is not available on pre-orders for obvious reasons.

Finally, if you have any questions about the Google range of handset or want to talk about any of the other amazing deals, we offer then our UK based customer service team are waiting to assist you, and have a vast range of knowledge so simply give them a call on 0333 900 1133

RPI/CPI Price Increase - Each year, your Pay Monthly airtime tariff will be adjusted according to: Three - Three's Fixed Annual Price Change which is 4.5% each April. Vodafone – The Retail Price Index which is announced each March and adjusted on your bill each April.
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